Jun 29, 2016 9:10 AM

YouTube on Weed: Best Bloggers

One of the most important goals of the cannabis community right now is to be perceived positively. What can advertise marijuana movement better than promoting the plant's use on the most popular Internet services that are viewed by millions of people every day?

YouTube is one of those services that remain open to weed bloggers who are ready to enlighten others on the question of cannabis use. There are many cannabis channels on YouTube, but some of them are more popular and have better videos than others.

Bubbleman's World

The Bubbleman's World was created almost a decade ago, in 2007. Marcus Richardson, the founder of the channel, is an expert in weed with more than 20 years of experience. The videos published on his channel show the most useful tips for both beginners and experienced stoners. If you do not know how to make a roll, maintain your bong, or simply how to choose quality weed, you can find all answers here. The blogger's series “How to” will tell the basics that you need to know.

Two years ago, Marcus started a weekly online discussion “Hash Church” that included the best experts in the field. The weekly Sunday cannabis-themed show regularly includes special guests, among which are Harvard professors, cannabis advocates, activists, and other notable figures. Feel free to ask them a question—Bubbleman's World is a place without bias and shyness.


Do you want to know everything about medical cannabis cultivation? If you are interested in cannabis at all, you should definitely visit this YouTube channel. Hundreds of videos that are posted here on a regular basis are viewed by almost a million of subscribers. The channel has an astonishing number of viewers. The best feature of all channel's videos is that they are both educational and funny. The host of CustomGrow420 is a hilarious man with great charisma and expert knowledge about cannabis. Here, you can find anything you want to know about cannabis. The channel includes detailed reviews of smoking accessories and strains, useful tips, and interviews. If you have any weed-related questions for this guy, there is a special series of videos where all of them will be answered.

RuffHouse Studious

This marijuana channel on YouTube has been posting its videos for nine years and will continue to do so in the future. The main host of RuffHouse Studious is Bogart, a funny man who knows about weed more than most marijuana enthusiasts. This blogger creates versatile videos starting from revealing the secrets of marijuana edibles, to tips on smoking techniques, to even parody movie trailers. The beginner's guide to growing, crucial weed tips, and hacks are gathered in one place that attracts thousands of subscribers. Bogart creates arguably the most accessible tutorials on the Internet. Visit the channel for one video, and you will stay there watching dozens of them at a time.

Green House Seed Company

In 2006, when weed-themed YouTube channels were a rarity, Green House Seed Company created a channel that started the era of marijuana bloggers. Now, the page contains dozens of videos about growing the best cannabis in the world. The hosts of the “Strain Hunters” series, Arjan and Franco Loja, travel around the world searching for the best strains. The channel's documentaries provide the best “behind the scenes” experience for all marijuana enthusiasts. Green Houses's cultivation journal contains the best analysis and guide to cannabis growing details. This level of dedication is noticed by thousands of viewers who simply admire the channel and its hosts.

Coral Reefer Channel

Women do smoke weed and can even do it better than men. Coral Reefer is a girl who proves this statement. Her channel is very popular among all cannabis enthusiasts. Coral herself is a weed user who is not afraid to share her knowledge with you. On a weekly basis, the channel's host answers the questions of her subscribers in a series titled Stoney Sunday. Coral has already posted more than 500 videos on various weed topics. The popularity did not come to Coral immediately, but now, she is an inspiration to many other amateur bloggers who are eager to promote cannabis on the Internet.

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