Nov 28, 2016 12:05 PM

Woman With Multiple Sclerosis Given Conditional Discharge for Growing Cannabis

In July 2015, Michelle X, a star of British TV documentary "37 Years on the Dole" was arrested by the British police for growing marijuana in her home. A month later, while still being on police bail, she grew new plants and posted a picture of them. It should be said that marijuana is classified as a class B drug in the UK, and a person possessing it may be sentenced up to five years in jail.

Miss X was put on trial for having a weed farm. The court’s decision was very unexpected. The woman managed to avoid jail. She was given a conditional discharge and was ordered to pay legal costs in the amount of £200 instead of £2,800. Judge Ross from Oxford Crown Court said to the jury that it was s very unusual case, and it was the first time he had had to deal with something like that.

During the court hearing, Michelle X told the jury that in 1987 she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and after that became wheelchair-bound and lost her job. She had used prescription medicine for ten years, but they were cancer-inducing and had heavy side-effects. Once on TV, she saw Prince Charles talking to a man with MS. Prince asked that man if he had ever tried marijuana and said that he had heard of its medical benefits. After those words, Miss X decided to investigate cannabis plants. In 2014, she began growing weed to self-medicate for her illness.

Defending herself, Miss X said that thanks to her weed “medicine,” she was able to stand before the jury in the court as her spasms had stopped.

Miss X stated that British drug laws were very unjust and had to be changed. She stressed that she was going to keep offending until it would happen. Michelle took part in medical trials and got the right to use marijuana-based medicine approved by the British governmental bodies. Nevertheless, she was not able to get the medicine in her county. Therefore, she started to use cannabis. Judge Ross came to the conclusion that it was the only other course open to Miss X.

The MS patient asked the court to imprison her as she had to face eviction from her home because of her marijuana farm and could not afford to purchase weed from street dealers.

Judge Ross said that neither he nor the jurors were authorized to change the law and gave Miss X a two-year conditional discharge.

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