Nov 15, 2016 12:10 PM

Winning Recipe for New Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's Cooking Show

As soon as the first episode of the new TV show called Potluck Dinner Parties with Martha Steward and Snoop Dogg premiered on VH1 on the night of Nov. 7, it has become a trend on Twitter, which exploded with heaps of praise. Many TV viewers said that they had forgotten all about the election fever in America and simply enjoyed watching Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s cooking competition. As unbelievable as it may sound, this odd couple managed to cut through political tension and made a terrific show.

Such great success was achieved due to several factors: celebrities who made their appearance at the show, the extraordinary chemistry of the hip hop legend and the famous homemaker, and constant references to cannabis. However, the hosts themselves cannot believe it is true. As Snoop declared during the broadcast, the people who gave that show to Martha and him must have been high.

Such celebrities as rapper Wiz Khalifa, former NWA star Ice Cube, and Hollywood actor Seth Rogen came to judge the epic cooking battle and crown the master of fried chicken. All of them were very friendly and leisurely sipped cocktails during the whole show.

Snoop was proud of himself and said, presenting his culinary masterpiece, that there was a piece of weed in it.

Potluck Dinner Parties is a show of a new format. It does not look like The Great British Bake Off or anything like that. As one can see, Martha and Snoop’s new show is not focused so much on their cooking skills. Its initial aim is to demonstrate the relationship between the hosts and allow the audience to get to know their eclectic friends. And as it turns out, this unusual couple works amazing together!

Snoop and Martha decided to team up in 2015 after they appeared on Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber. As Stewart said in one of her interviews to The Insider, Snoop and she had created a concept of a show that would combine teaching and fun, like a dinner party show.

It seems that with this new cooking show, Martha is trying to reinvent herself after spending six months in prison.

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