Jul 28, 2017 12:05 PM

Why Does Morgan Freeman Support Marijuana Legalization?

During his last interview with the Daily Beast, Morgan Freeman explained why he fully supports marijuana legalization and how the herb improves the quality of his life.

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Besides gaining the hearts of millions of people with his performances in movies and TV shows, Freeman also became popular among cannabis users after he had openly supported cannabis legalization for medical and recreational purposes.

Freeman claimed that he became an outspoken advocate of marijuana legalization after it had helped him manage his fibromyalgia pain.

Sir Patrick Stewart Uses Cannabis Spray for Treating Pain
Sir Patrick Stewart Uses Cannabis Spray for Treating Pain
A famous English actor Sir Patrick Stewart told a journalist from Esquire UK that he used a cannabis spray for treating pain associated with his hands.

According to Freeman, he consumes marijuana in any possible way, as the herb is the only thing that lets him forget about his intractable pain.

In 1997, the actor was seriously injured in a vehicle accident in Mississippi. Freeman received countless injuries to his bones in arm, elbow, and shoulder. The doctors tried to restore his nerves, but the actor still cannot feel his left hand in full.

Freeman's wife advised him to try marijuana for relieving his increasing fibromyalgia in the arm, and since that time the 80-year-old actor has used the herb.

Is Marijuana More Effective for Fibromyalgia Than Drugs?
Is Marijuana More Effective for Fibromyalgia Than Drugs?
In the United States, more than five million people suffer from fibromyalgia, but unfortunately, this condition is often misdiagnosed and therefore not treated effectively by prescription drugs.

Freeman thinks that marijuana is very useful for treating pain and seizures, especially among children who suffer from grand mal seizures. Scientists have discovered that the herb significantly reduces the symptoms of seizures allowing kids to have a bearable life.

Moreover, marijuana can substitute opioids and steroids that are often prescribed for reducing inflammation and pain in patients with fibromyalgia. That is enough evidence for the actor to fully support the legalization of cannabis across the country.

Though Freeman uses marijuana, he is against alcohol consumption. The actor does not drink alcohol and sees no medical use in it. According to him, small doses of alcohol may reduce stress, but when people drink more, it only causes damage.

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