Nov 11, 2016 12:40 PM

Where’s Weed Adds New Strain Check-In Feature

Where’s Weed is a new widely-known mobile app that allows marijuana consumers to identify and review the nearest local marijuana dispensaries. Recently, the creators of the app have announced the release of a new addition to the program called “Strain Check-Ins.” The main advantage of Where’s Weed is that medical and recreational marijuana consumers can connect with the local community through the app, discover the strains that are trending, and review their properties.

According to Tyler Bartholomew, the co-founder of Where’s Weed, the app is now gamifying cannabis strain check-ins in a way that has been proven successful in other areas. Doing so, the creators increase the number of their active organic users. More than that, all Americans can now obtain standardized strain data. Every marijuana consumer knows that strains may vary from store to store, and the selection is only increasing, and this app was created to simplify the life of weed users and bring stability to the explosive cannabis markets.

The Where’s Weed app allows users to “check-in” to different cannabis strains they prefer, tag a business and put their own ratings, reviews, and strain photos. Furthermore, the app rewards the users with special “achievement badges” after different strain check-in milestones.

The data the app is based on is also extremely important for marijuana dispensary owners, as the insights received from the check-ins of users allows them to have a better and clearer vision of the market they are operating in, which strains are most demanded in the market, and where gaps exist in the current landscape.

Talking about Where’s Weed, it is important to mention that since 2011, it has been the leading app in the industry that connects medical and recreational marijuana users with trustful dispensaries. Cannabis consumers are able to filter what exactly they are looking for, whether it is a cannabis strain, business or marijuana by-product. Additionally, the app is equipped with the function that allows users to connect with each other.

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