Sep 9, 2016 9:35 AM

What It Feels Like to Get Lost in Hemp Maze

What if we tell you that the beautiful maze from “The Shining” really exists, but instead of ghosts and monsters, the only “danger” you can find there is an unbelievably huge amount of cannabis? It seems like a story about heaven, and it really is. In one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a hemp maze is waiting for everyone who wants to have a great adventure.

It can be really puzzling to see an island of true Jamaican land in the middle of Europe: palms, cocos, tents with thatched roofs, reggae music, and even a Jamaican flag fluttering in the breeze. A bar called “Jamaica bar” can offer you different kinds of beer, including hemp beer. Here you can also try homemade soda and fresh trout cooked with hemp seeds.

And here, right next to this paradise-like place, you can find a huge labyrinth made of almost 16-feet tall cannabis plants. You can literally get lost in marijuana. So if you are ever in the south of Czech Republic, you can visit it any day of the week. Moreover, you can even order a night adventure there. But let us tell you everything from the beginning.

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The idea to turn a farm into a tourist attraction for cannabis-lovers was born a year ago. Two brothers, Radek and Luboš Bačovský, decided to risk and make their dream come true. Being in their forties, they have been acquainted with cannabis for already more than a decade, and they know all the medical potential of this amazing herb perfectly well.

The more the brothers learned about cannabis, the stronger was their desire to create something that would not only attract cannabis enthusiasts but also be interesting for people who feel skeptical about the plant. The idea of the Bačovský brothers was to show people that cannabis could be used not only for recreational but also for medicinal, industrial, and ecological purposes.

Last year, they bought a plot of land in the warmest part of Czech Republic, where the climate is the closest to the ideal conditions for growing hemp. The thing is, growing cannabis is legal in the country, as long as the TCH level does not exceed 0.3 percent.

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The Vranč farm was divided into two parts: one for the bar, another for the maze. They covered the bar area, or the “Jamaica state”, with tons of white sand, built several huts that could give a nice shade on a sunny day, constructed a bar that looked like a Jamaican ship, and the rest of the land they covered with “cannabis forest”.

The maze is big, it has almost two miles of interconnected footpaths. There are three entrances, though only one of them leads to the exit.

Unlike California, wintertime in the Czech Republic is really cold, that is why the brothers had to close for several months until the warmth was back. However, the entrepreneurs did not lose their time: they harvested and processed the hemp and sold it to the local companies who work with hemp material.

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In springtime, Radek and Luboš concentrated on improving the whole area. They bought an extra 50 tons of beach sand and planted some palms to add the spirit of Jamaica. They also ordered a huge (the biggest in the country) aquarium so that they have fresh fish all the time. Additionally, the brothers got an Australian kangaroo and a few Cameroonian goats.

It is no surprise that this place has become even more popular than last year. “This season, we have seen the number of visitors increase tenfold,” said Radek, the younger of the brothers.

So, now the visitors can come here even with their families. When the brothers were only starting their project, a lot of people were not happy about it. They did not like the idea that this “marijuana thing” would be so close to their houses. People were afraid that this place would be the kind of a marijuana spot that would attract only junkies and criminals.

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Now, when the Vranč farm has shown that cannabis is not as dangerous as people might think, you can see the same neighbors that used to be skeptical coming here with their kids. This place is great for relaxing, talking to your friends, playing with goats (oh, they are really charming!), and, of course, trying yourself in walking through the maze.

Usually, it takes about half an hour to complete the labyrinth; however, some people get so confused that they break all the rules and just go directly through the plants until they pass the whole maze area. Some visitors even claim they walked 100 miles trying to get out of the maze. But in fact, no one stays there forever, people often celebrate the moment of finding the exit with another glass of hemp beer, so no one gets disappointed.

At the Vranč farm, it is not only beer that contains hemp: all the dishes (and there are about 40 names) and most of the drinks contain hemp in one or another form. The hemp is 100% local and manually harvested. Actually, all the food in the bar is local, from potatoes and tomatoes to beer and all kinds of meat and fish. So if you are in the Czech Republic for the first time, this is a great opportunity to try local cuisine and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables.

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It was very smart how the Bačovský brothers managed to show cannabis in a very friendly and positive way: anyone can come here and enjoy the whole day side-by-side with marijuana with no high effect. The only “high” you can get here is the pure joy of spending a nice time with your friends or family, which it not bad after all.

For this year, the cannabis maze has already done its work: the Bačovský brothers are going to harvest all the plants after the first weekend of September. However, the Vranč hemp farm will be waiting for its visitors next summer, so everyone who missed it this year, just wait till June and try yourself in passing the tricky hemp maze.

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