Dec 1, 2016 12:15 PM

Village People Band Member Confesses Jimmy Carter's Mother Offered Him Marijuana

Randy Jones is the cowboy from the popular American disco group mostly known for their masculine American costumes and catchy tunes. Originally, the group was created by Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo, who tried to satisfy the gay audience by featuring famous gay fantasy characters. The most recognizable disco and dance hits of the band are “Go West,” “San Francisco,” and “Macho Man.”

Recently Randy Jones has confessed that the mother of ex-president of America, Jimmy Carter, once offered him to smoke marijuana at Studio 54. But he refused.

You see, Jones is now writing his memoir “Glory Days, Disco Nights” to familiarize people with the history of the group. So the weed story goes as follows. Once, he was walking in the basement to one of his private rooms and took a seat, but someone suddenly tapped him on his left shoulder. He turned around and saw Lillian Carter, ex-president's mother. Lillian offered Randy to smoke marijuana together, but he declined her offer. He says that he would never do it because it would feel like he was smoking marijuana with his grandmother.

However, the pop star cannot tell the whole truth in the memoirs he is working on. According to the musician, he has to wait for some people to die. Of course, it was said as a joke, but there is a certain share of truth in that statement. Randy also said that he quite often partied with such celebrities as Diana Ross, Beverly Johnson, and Liza Minnelli. Even Michael Jackson with Brooke Shields came to Studio 54 and shared a booth with him.

The native-turned-disco singer from North Carolina was discovered during his performance with Grace Jones. He remembers being approached by two men with clear French accents after the 2 a.m. set. All the singer was dressed in was a leather jockstrap and a gold chain. He knows that that meeting could have gone the other way, but thankfully it ended with a legit proposition.

Today, the members of Village People are well-recognized all over America. Moreover, their stereotypical masculine look has made them a culture icon that is associated with the male gay culture.

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