Nov 7, 2016 12:00 PM

Trump Fans Launch Campaign to Misinform Marijuana Supporters

For the past couple of days, Americans have seen different images that call to vote for Hillary and stop marijuana. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media services have been filled with anti-pot messages that claim no girl deserves a future ruined by cannabis, or that Donald Trump has a great desire to decriminalize marijuana, or the one that promises to take weed off the streets of America once and for all. One image even states that marijuana is not a medicine in the opinion of Hillary Clinton. Although all messages have Clinton's campaign logo, none of them were in fact “approved by Hillary for America.” Rather, these messages are just an effort of the members of a pro-Trump Reddit community to suppress support for Hillary among young marijuana-smoking voters.

This #StopThePot campaign is based on the notion that all young liberal voters who smoke marijuana will be discouraged to vote for Clinton because of such outrageous proclamations.

In reality, the Clinton campaign promises to reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II, a significantly less-restricted class of drugs, which will make it easier for researchers to explore the medical benefits of the plant. Additionally, as the campaign announced in August, Clinton will make sure that Colorado and other states will be able to continue to work as labs of democracy.

The Marijuana Policy Project, a group that is working on nationwide marijuana legalization, gave Hillary Clinton a B+ grade on her cannabis policy this year. By contrast, Donald Trump received only a C+.

#StopThePot messages do not appear to have any link with the Donald Trump campaign. However, the campaign has been subject to many lawsuits this month over the efforts to threaten and suppress votes in a number of states. This week, a federal judge has ordered the GOP to disclose any concerted efforts to monitor surveys in conjunction with Tramp’s voting campaign.

Trump's team does not even hide its attempts to discourage specific categories of the population from casting their vote. Currently, the campaign has three voter suppression operations that are being realized. They are aimed at African Americans, women, and young liberals.

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