Dec 4, 2016 12:20 PM

Trailer Park Boys Plan to Launch Marijuana Brand

Trailer Park Boys is a famous Canadian television series about sad and unsuccessful adventures of the residents of a trailer park. Now these dope-smoking louts are going to form a partnership with a Canadian marijuana producer in New Brunswick. According to OrganiGram, the worldwide famous TV's Trailer Park Boys have decided to choose the Moncton company as their unique Canadian marijuana producer. They believe this successful developer of popular brands will be a trustful business partner in this endeavor.

Stacey Newman / Shutterstock.com

It was recently confirmed that the company would cooperate with the Trailer Park Boys' production company to create an absolutely unique branding and packaging of marijuana products specifically for recreational marijuana users. The CEO of OrganiGram, Ray Gracewood, said that the agreement was one of the key business strategies of the company in preparation for the coming legalization of marijuana. However, the company keeps the financial aspect of the five-year deal in secret. Louis Tomas, the president of Sonic EG, who, by the way, represents the boys in the matter, said that TBD Productions had been watching the cannabis situation quite closely to clearly understand when and how to enter the cannabis market in Canada with the maximum profit. It is also known that after the initial meeting with the Maritime-based team of OrganiGram, the boys felt strongly that they would be the perfect business partners and that it was a great time to move forward in the Canadian cannabis market.

Everyone understands that to have success, the company needs to be strategic and prepared for the possible high competitiveness and wildness in the world of legal marijuana. The federal government of Canada has promised to ensure marijuana legislation in spring 2017, and a committee report is expected to be introduced at the end of November. Ray Gracewood claims that brands will play a leading role in the cannabis industry and the company is developing their strategy well in advance of the expected changes to ensure they are prepared.

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