Aug 1, 2016 9:05 AM

Top 4 Cannabis Events in August

The last month of the summer will give you plenty of opportunities to celebrate cannabis culture with your friends and like-minded people. Weed in Focus will tell you about the top four upcoming marijuana events where you can have some fun, meet interesting people, make new friends, and enjoy your favorite plant.


Where: Denver, CO

When: Aug. 5-6, 2016

Bong-a-Thon is one of the oldest cannabis-related events in North America. This is your perfect opportunity to have an unforgettable weekend. Join a massive celebration of cannabis culture and do not forget to bring your friends! Witness one of the oldest toking competitions or became a competitor yourself!

For more information about the upcoming event and competition, go to Bong-a-Thon's website.


Where: Los Angeles, CA

When: Aug. 7, 2016

Weed-N-Greet is one of the brightest cannabis events that will give you both entertainment and networking opportunities. Enjoy live music, delicious foods and drinks. Listen to the cannabis industry leaders and activists. Share your thoughts and experience with others. Use this opportunity to change the legal status of cannabis and help marijuana industry gain trust and respect it deserves.

For more details, go to Weed-N-Greet's website.

Maine Vocals Hempstock Fest

Where: Harmony, ME

Aug 11-14, 2016
Harmony, ME

The upcoming Hempstock Fest in Harmony, Maine, is an annual music festival that celebrates both vocal art and marijuana culture. Enjoy incredible performances, live music, breathtaking landscapes and a unique atmosphere of the festival in one of the most beautiful parts of Maine. Join marijuana supporters and advocates in their attempt to change the future of cannabis in the U.S.

For more details about the festival, go to the Hempstock Fest's website.

Ganjasana in the Garden

Where: Denver, CO

When: Aug. 21, 2016

Celebrating marijuana culture should not always be just about smoking weed and enjoying marijuana-infused drinks and edibles. In August, you will have an opportunity to see what marijuana and yoga have in common. Join dozens of marijuana fans and activists for a 1.5-hour yoga session and meditation. Learn more about the ways and benefits of organic marijuana cultivation. Make a step towards living a healthier life and starting your environment-friendly weed garden.

For more information, visit the Ganjasana's website.

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