Nov 18, 2016 12:15 PM

Tommy Chong Releases Designer Marijuana Strain

Tommy Chong is a globally known marijuana icon. He has had lots of ups and downs in his standup comedy career and movie roles that were oriented at the cannabis culture. Besides working in the entertainment industry, the celebrity was an entrepreneur during the “gray market” days. It landed him an unfair stint in the federal prison, but today he has created his own marijuana brand that is legally sold in the state of Washington. Tommy Chong is also widely known for his smoke-tastic and marijuana-fueled adventures, like the one with Chong’s Choice.

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Tommy Chong and his team of professionals are staunch on the quality control of organic marijuana—that is the reason they have united their efforts with Verde Natural to bring Colorado marijuana enthusiasts some of Chong’s Choice of weed. Weed Natural is a one-of-a-kind, small-batch boutique grow, and the best thing about it is their awesome female master grower, Cassandra Maffey. She is responsible for every plant and makes sure that each one gets the needed attention. The plants are divided into special rooms in which two specialists can take care of the growing plants. Such system ensures a clean growing room every time. If there is a disease, mites, mold or improper conditions in the room, everything is cleaned, corrected, and sanitized so that it does not spread onto other sectors of the boutique.

Many other growing houses should definitely try such a system. It not just decreases the risk of plant damage but also increases the yield of each cannabis plant. Verde Natural is in charge of growing only three strains designed by Tommy Chong. They are Durban Haze, Grape Stomer, and Blue Dream. Their flowers are currently available in specific marijuana dispensaries of Colorado, and Chong’s pre-rolls are going to debut later this month. If the cannabis strains of Tommy Chong and other his business ventures are in high demand, the marijuana icon will be able to feel extremely proud of his accomplishments both in his primary career and business.

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