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Three Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

It’s no secret that weed has inspired some of the most iconic TV shows and movies. For many filmmakers, ranging from Hollywood elite to up-and-coming indie directors, the herb plays an active role in the creative process. Here’s our list of 9 filmmakers who smoked weed, on and off camera.

1. Oliver Stone

9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

Not only is Oliver Stone one of the best-known directors today, he has also graced the front cover of High Times. In his 2012 interview, Stone described getting busted during the War on Drugs for smuggling marijuana into the US.

“I was facing five to 20 on a federal smuggling charge,” Stone explained.

After narrowly avoiding jail time, Stone has continued to use the herb that almost sent him there.

Stone says about his experience with marijuana, “I’ve found it very enlightening. Some people don’t—they find paranoia and worry. I think if you can control your mind, if you contain it, you can make marijuana be a friend, an ally.”

Stone’s penchant for putting forth conspiracy theories (Snowden) and investigating governments (Nixon, JFK and The Putin Interviews) doesn’t end on screen.

The Academy Award-winning Platoon director has stated, “Marijuana, as well as many other drugs, should be legalized and taxed and regulated by the states. It’s a great source of income. It should be sold like it is in liquor stores, and there should be no social stigma. It’s an insane hypocrisy.”

We’re with you, Oliver Stone.

Since his arrest, Stone has protested anti-marijuana legislation.

“We questioned it, we fought it—and, frankly, I’ve had my lapses, but I’ve never stopped questioning it.”

Stone’s dedication to the herb makes him one of our 9 filmmakers who smoked weed.

2. Harmony Korine

9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed

It comes as no surprise that the bad boy of cinema is a fan of the herb. Harmony Korine began his career writing the screenplay for Kids, a grim film about drugs, sex and New York City youth. It was the film that launched the careers of Rosario Dawson and Chloë Sevigny.

Today, he’s best known for Spring Breakers, which famously stars Selena Gomez and James Franco.

Yet Korine isn’t only interested in the dark side of ‘drug culture.’ His latest film, The Beach Bum is a “stoner comedy” starring Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron.

But the 420 won’t only be on screen: Korine wants viewers to smell marijuana in the movie theatre. As reported by High Times, Korine envisions real marijuana smoke and live bongo drums as part of the movie experience. And it looks like Korine’s dream may actually come true, at least in states where recreational marijuana is legal.

“We already have about thirty rooms that have accepted,” Korine explains.

The only thing we know—and need to know—about Korine’s The Beach Bum is that it involves a lot of marijuana.

3. Seth Rogen

9 Filmmakers Who Smoked Weed


No list of filmmakers who smoked weed would be complete without marijuana poster boy Seth Rogen. Rogen’s biggest hits include The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, This Is The End and Pineapple Express.

Not only does Rogen’s comedy pair perfectly with Mary Jane, but it’s replete with references to the herb. Pineapple Express literally inspired the name for a now popular strain of weed. As Jonah Hill’s character says in Rogen’s This Is The End, “weed is tight.”

And Seth Rogen is far from shy about his personal consumption. You can even watch him rip a new type of bong.

“I’m never really at zero,” Rogen confesses to David Letterman.

He then describes what his weed does to other people. “They think it might never end,” Rogan says, “which I’m looking for.”

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