Aug 11, 2016 9:35 AM

Stand-Up Comedians Who Cannot Hold Their Weed

The recent cannabis gossip mostly circulates around the unfortunate accidents that involve stand-up comedians overindulging in marijuana. It seems that cannabis educational campaigns have to include a new topic in their program—being careful with weed before going on stage.

Of course, there are many successful comedians who perform even better when they are stoned. However, not everybody can hold their weed. Despite the common belief that marijuana and comedies are a match made in heaven, not everybody can be as successful as Cheech & Chong.

Best Weed Movies of All Time
Best Weed Movies of All Time
Today, stoner movies is a separate subgenre in cinematography. The image of cannabis culture differs from movie to movie—sometimes stoners are represented in a positive way, sometimes they are shown comically.

The crowd is more than unhappy with the latest performance of some comedians on weed.

One of these celebrities is Ralphie May. During his show earlier this year, May had difficulties with sitting down on a bar stool, not to mention his slurred speech and overall poor performance. The audience was quickly irritated with the comedian and the poor quality of performance. People started leaving one by one while Ralphie May was making a fool of himself. Soon enough, the crowd gathered in the lobby and demanded refunds. People had to pay 80 dollars to attend the show but did not see anything interesting. May, at that point, was led off the stage by the police.

The case of Ralphie May is nothing new, as several similar situations have occurred since the legalization. In 2014, Reggie Watts performed in Oakland after eating marijuana-infused edibles. The guy's show was also not the best he could do. Another comedian, Pete Holmes, admitted that he could not perform at the High Plains after trying cannabis-infused soda. The organizers decided to let him make the necessary adjustments even though he was too loopy. Holmes performed an abbreviated set and passed the microphone over to his colleague. Unfortunately, the crowd was mostly waiting for this comedian to be the culmination of the evening and was very disappointed.

Some comedians who perform in Colorado may claim that the state's potent weed or even the altitude is to blame. Yet, you simply cannot be excused for such behavior if you consider yourself a professional.

The Midnight Run

The Midnight Run showcase by Andy Haynes is the show that requires its guest comedians to toke before going on stage thus creating hilarious situations. Andrew Orvedahl remembers his experience on this show to be unexpected even for himself. Before his performance, Orvedahl planned to make one or two hits because the comedian is not a regular weed user. However, with dozens of joints laying around, the man threw that idea to the wind and made “somewhere between 10 to 88 hits.”

According to Haynes, many comedians just cannot embrace their high and end up doing something that does not match the atmosphere of the room.

Benson's Success

We cannot say that all stand-ups who consume marijuana before their performance embarrass themselves. Some comedians are quite successful and funny when stoned. Doug Benson, the host of Getting Dough With High, smokes with his celebrity friends on camera. Obviously, the man is rarely “sober” on stage. Benson admits that his success lies in the fact that his audience is usually even more baked than he is.

There are many other stand-up comedians who are as successful as Benson in combining weed with their shows. Our next article will dwell on those people who can guarantee you a hilarious stand-up show while being stoned.

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