Jul 26, 2017 12:50 PM

Snoop Dogg Producing New Show About Ladies Who Smoke Pot

Snoop Dogg has recently become a producer of the new show called Queens of the Stoned Age. The show has a female cast and crew. It is meant to describe the life of numerous successful lady stoners and their relationship with pot.

According to Tara Aquino, another producer of the show, they hope to “feminize”the weed culture and rid it of the stereotype that cannabis is for men only. Although the marijuana culture is male-dominated, thousands of women use weed in their everyday life. The show will encourage lady stoners to come out and show they are also cannabis users.

Up until a couple of years ago, weed culture had been absolutely dominated by men. The most famous stoner movies, such as How High, Half Baked, and many others, have starred males. These comedies were amazingly popular; however, they did not portray any female pot users. Women were usually the background characters who only tried to make the male heroes stop smoking weed. The Weeds show differed a bit from these comedies, but it soon became a disappointment for many fans.

Everything changed when Broad City came out in 2014. The show about lady stoners attracted a large audience with its great jokes and bright characters.

Queens of the Stoned Age is likely to become another successful show about women who like to smoke pot. The program will be available on the Merry Jane YouTube channel in September.

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