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Smoke in Amsterdam Like Locals: Trip to Coffeeshop

We have already published an article about tourism in the Netherlands. The question whether foreigners can buy marijuana is very important for both sides—for the tourists and the country's government. Fortunately, most big cities in Holland will gladly sell you cannabis in their famous coffeeshops.

Are Foreigners Allowed to Buy Weed in the Netherlands?
Are Foreigners Allowed to Buy Weed in the Netherlands?
Amsterdam has been a kind of Mecca for all weed connoisseurs for years now. However, the question whether tourists can be allowed in the country's coffeeshops is a constant issue discussed by the Dutch government.

However, if you are going to visit this country for the first time, you have to know the basics of how to consume cannabis in the Netherlands properly. Here are a few tips that will help you get stoned like a pro.

Looking for Coffeeshops

It is only legal to buy marijuana in coffeeshops. Stay away from street dealers. Besides, there are hundreds of coffeeshops around the country, and all of them can offer you quality weed.

  • Visiting Amsterdam, you will have no problem finding an open coffeeshop and buying herbs there (assuming you are 18 years or older). Be attentive; the place you are looking for is not a coffee shop or a cafe, it is a special place that sells only weed. Of course, the place can also serve you some snacks and even actual coffee, but the quality of the latter is far from perfect.
  • Every coffeeshop is different―each one of them has a unique atmosphere and can offer you different strains. There are so many coffeeshops in Amsterdam that you cannot possibly visit all of them during one stay. Explore a couple of them and find one place you like the most. Some shops have several lounge rooms while others contain only one room, a few can offer you board games to spend some quality time there. There are also “quick shops” that do not have any room to sit around and enjoy the smoke.
  • Do not expect a colorful and appealing advertisement near the coffeeshops―advertizing cannabis is not legal. Do not look for a bright green poster saying “buy weed here,” but if it says “coffeeshop” on the building, it is surely the place you are looking for.

Inside Coffeeshop

Legally, a person is allowed to buy up to five grams of herbs in the Netherlands. Even if you are with company, it will be more than enough. Buying weed in Amsterdam is easier than buying alcohol in the U.S. You just have to walk into a coffeeshop and ask for the herbs you need. You surely must be over the age of 18, but people are often not even asked to show their IDs. Here are a few tips on what exactly to expect in a coffeeshop.

  • There is always a menu. However, it may be not as descriptive as you would like. Usually, they do not give you more than a name of a strain and a price. Sometimes, there may be a line that indicates that a strain is a winner of a rating of sorts. Remember that the menus have to stay at the counter, some of them are even placed under the glass.
  • Usually, coffeeshops offer you both herbs by grams and pre-rolled joints. Remember that simple “joints” are often mixed with tobacco. If you want your smoke to contain only marijuana, look for “pure joints.” Also, look at the prices, pure weed joints usually cost eight-ten euros.
  • Bring cash with you because many shops do not take cards.
  • Do not be afraid to ask a person behind the counter. If you need any recommendations or have a question, a budtender would be glad to help you.
  • If you want to buy buds, first inspect them. Despite the lack of advertising, Amsterdam coffeeshops do not hide their weed. You can ask a budtender to show a specific strain to you, to sniff buds, and look closely before buying.
  • Ask if you are allowed to smoke in a shop. Most coffeeshops have separate smoking areas, however, there are to-go shops as well. Sometimes, the whole place is a giant smoking lounge. Look at people in a shop and see if they are smoking. Ask a budtender to be sure.
  • Most coffeeshops offer you some snacks and coffee to enjoy while you are getting stoned. While the snacks are the same as you may buy in a supermarket, coffee is not as great. Surprisingly. Of course, you are not there for caffeine, so it is not a big deal.

Other Places to Visit

If you are looking for another place to smoke weed in, find a bar that allows smoking inside. There are plenty of these bars in Amsterdam. Besides, while it is a strict rule that coffeeshops cannot serve alcohol, you can always buy weed and go to a bar.

Not all coffeeshops sell edibles in addition to herbs and joints. If you are specifically looking for edibles, go to a liquor store or small markets. These places are full of various kinds of edibles—from small lollipops to space brownies.

There are also such places in Amsterdam as smart shops. They do not sell weed, but you can find some psychedelic drugs in smart shops. They are called “magic mushrooms” but the drugs are actually truffles and some mind-altering substances as peyote or salvia.

Mind that most hotels do not support smoking indoors, so be sure to find out what places are marijuana-friendly.

Smoking in public is officially illegal, but it is not really enforced, so many coffeeshops have their smoking areas outside. Generally, people will not mind you smoking in the street as long as you behave properly.

We believe that with all the above information, you are ready for a trip to Amsterdam.

Enjoy yourself in the amazing city with amazing weed.

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Are Foreigners Allowed to Buy Weed in the Netherlands?
Amsterdam has been a kind of Mecca for all weed connoisseurs for years now. However, the question whether tourists can be allowed in the country's coffeeshops is a constant issue discussed by the Dutch government.
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