Oct 4, 2016 9:35 AM

Slower and Longer: How to Make a Perfect Joint

Rolling a joint is almost an art: the way you do it, the skills you apply, the kind of weed and paper you use―everything matters. The stories of how to roll a perfect joint are handed down from one cannabis user to another all over the world.

Even just watching someone rolling perfect joints can be hypnotizing and admiring, so can you imagine how cool it would be if you could do it all by yourself? A perfect joint burns slowly and lasts long, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy marijuana's effects and generally get the best from the smoking experience.

So what is the secret of the perfect joint?

Weed from trusted sources

This is what you always need to start with. Cannabis differs not only in flavors and effects; the procedure of preparing cannabis for sale also means a lot. Depending on the label, strains are cured in different ways, and that also influences the quality of the weed and the time it will take to burn. Excessively dry cannabis is similar to old material that burns fast and gives little joy.

At the same time, under-cured cannabis does not provide the full specter of taste and effect. Opening the composition of the cannabinoid compounds that can put you in a meditative or psychoactive state requires a certain time.

To find your perfect match, you can simply ask the budtender—they usually know the most about quality and properties of their products. Asking for an even and long-lasting smoke is actually not a rare thing to happen in dispensaries, so there is no shame in that.

Six Reasons You Should Smoke Joints
Six Reasons You Should Smoke Joints
There are a number of different methods of consuming marijuana. The recent health trend around vaporization has let us forget about joint-rolling for a while. And it is too bad—this minimalist, tried-and-true method remains one of the most iconic ways to consume marijuana.

Ground weed

By breaking cannabis buds, you allow them to burn evenly and for a long time. This is why badly ground weed can burn out before you realize anything. At the same time, if you grind your cannabis to the powder state, it will also spoil the whole experience: without the proper airflow, the joint may smolder compromising the taste and the effects of the herb.

This is why a good grinder is a must. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can always find something that will fit your needs. The better the grind, the richer the smoking experience. And, of course, the longer your joint burns.

Right rolling paper

This factor also influences the time of burning a lot. On the Internet, you can find a great choice of all kinds of rolling papers, and what to choose is really a matter of preference. Some users stick to one label, others think that paper cannot really change the time of burning, however, we would recommend you to try something new once in a while to see the difference for yourself.

You can, for instance, try hemp or corn husk rolling papers if you have not tried them yet. Or buy any of the labels that have recently appeared in your local dispensary or on the websites of cannabis-related companies.

 Do You Need to Smoke More Pot?
Do You Need to Smoke More Pot?
​Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pot smoker, there can be a great variety of reasons for you to smoke more. Below is the list of indications you should increase your marijuana consumption.

Additionally, try to experiment with several layers of rolling paper. It can not only make your joint more solid and save your fingers from burns, it can also help the joint burn longer and more evenly.

Roll it right and tight

We have heard that Brad Pitt can roll perfect joints, “like a machine,” one after another. If you are lucky enough to know him personally, you may ask for a master class. For the rest of us, it would be easier to learn how to do it watching numerous videos on YouTube or asking our more experienced friends.

The trick is to roll the joint tightly enough so that it remains solid and even, but at the same time, you need to leave enough space inside for nice airflow to let weed burn slowly and smoothly.

Again, there are lots of methods to roll a joint. Not all of them are easy, not all of them can be mastered on the first time. Keep on practicing, and we are sure one day Brad Pitt will envy your skills.

Add concentrate

Adding concentrates to your usual joints, whether you add them on the outside of the paper or put them inside the weed, is called “twaxing,” and it can drastically change your smoking experience. It will definitely prolong your smoking time. Moreover, it will significantly increase the effect of the weed. If you are a newbie, you can even experience an overdose or feel some of the negative weed effects. That is why we would recommend you to use this technique wisely.

However, if adding some extra cannabinoids to your blood system is exactly what you want, you can put a bit of sap or shatter right outside your perfectly folded joint, and that will let you enjoy the whole process for much longer.

Do not let roaches go to waste

It is a pity to leave the remnants of your joint since there is still some weed inside of it. Yet, when it is burned almost till the end, it is already impossible to hold the joint. So, what can you do with it?

You can open the roach and put the leftovers into a pipe if you have one. You can even put the roach as it is and use the bowl as usual. This will save your skin from burns but still allow to burn all the herb till the very end.

Some prefer to use roach clips, but you can substitute pretty much anything for this device: a key-chain ring, a pole-tap from a can, a clip from a name-badge, a hairpin, and even a paper clip.

At the same time, if you use a filter from the very beginning, you will not have problems with roaches at all, but of course, it is a matter of preference.

Use more weed

This is quite obvious, but we feel we need to say it anyway. If you already know where to get the best ingredients for your perfect joint and how to roll it in the most amazing way, you can still make your experience even better and longer just by putting more weed into your joint and making more joints. Do whatever makes you happy!

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