Aug 30, 2016 9:25 AM

Six Reasons You Should Smoke Joints

There are a number of different methods of consuming marijuana. The recent health trend around vaporization has let us forget about joint-rolling for a while. And it is too bad—this minimalist, tried-and-true method remains one of the most iconic ways to consume marijuana. Besides, the skills and creativity that are required to roll a perfect joint are celebrated among many marijuana enthusiasts.

1. Joint-rolling is an art.

You can be an artist at almost anything, from painting to tailoring, or in this case, rolling joints. Actually, even the phrase “joint rolling” does not convey all the coolness and should be changed to “joint sculpturing” or “joint-rolling art.”

It is a ritual. Indeed, rolling a perfect joint takes skill, patience, and respect for the craft—skill to roll a joint with ease, patience to stay composed if the weed falls out or the paper is torn, and, finally, respect for the craft to keep improving your agility in this hard matter. Of course, you can buy a roller at your local tobacco shop, but nothing adds you some status in the eyes of your smoking companions like the ability to roll your own joints. At first, your joints will likely be lumpy and crude, but if you keep practicing, you will be able to roll a classic one effortlessly in about a minute. You will know how much the paper can handle when marijuana is evenly distributed, when it is ready to be flipped over, and so on. A joint encourages you to take a moment to get it right.

2. Joint provides full flavor experience.

In order to enjoy the true flavor of marijuana buds, experienced users smoke the plant dry. This means no bongs and bubblers. Filling a bong seems to be easier and does not require special skills, but the flavor and smoke cannot be compared with those that a joint offers.

3. It is cheap.

You do not need to waste your money on all those devices that look like they are used for killing aliens. A joint is one of the cheapest ways to consume marijuana. Compared to modern portable vaporizers with an average price of $150-$300, joints are almost free.

All you need is marijuana, rolling paper, and a lighter. Some people also use grinder devices, glue, and other optional crutch/tip materials, but you can do everything with your own hands. That is exactly what they call it “the art of rolling.” Furthermore, the filter is not absolutely necessary, although it does keep the shake from falling out of the end or into your mouth.

4. Smoking joints is extremely relaxing.

Unlike the paraphernalia, a perfect joint does not need to be carried around. Just roll your joint, light it, and enjoy your weed—no bulky bongs, no cleaning up glass pipes, and no refilling. Moreover, a good joint is great for sharing and may serve a group of five.

5. Joints are great for both outdoor and indoor use.

Nothing can go wrong with a well-rolled joint.

A joint is an invitation into a community—it is meant for sharing. It can be rolled and smoked anywhere: at the beach or in a field. It can be pulled out of a backpack or a pocket in a magic moment. Just imagine that instead of a cute little joint, you pull out an eight-chambered bong while sitting on the grass at a music festival.

6. Joints are about generosity.

Sharing is the key value of the cannabis culture, a time-honored tradition created by good old hippies; and it still works. Marijuana must be shared and returned tenfold.

People share their weed, time, thoughts, but that is the whole point. Vaporizers do not mean all that. They increase the efficiency, offer a healthier and cleaner high but distance you from the real pot culture. New cannabis gadgets, exotic strains, and consuming methods are the reflections of the true stoners' dreams, but upon emerging, they are immediately capitalized. Joint culture reminds us that ownership is far less important that generosity, and friendship is a reward itself.

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