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Six Best Smoke Tricks With Weed

Most marijuana users prefer to smoke weed socially, either with close friends or at a noisy party. They, more than anyone else, know how much fun using marijuana is. It is more enjoyable than drinking alcohol or consuming other recreational drugs, and all fables about its harmful effects are mitigated after a few puffs by the smooth and pleasant euphoria spreading over the body and enveloping the mind.

Every cannaphile should be familiar with marijuana etiquette—the list of unspoken rules that was created to make the smoking experience comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved. You can also find hundreds of various tips, tricks, and recipes for infused edibles, from “what music to listen to when you are high” to “how to cook a marijuana brownie in the form of a butterfly.” However, there are easier and less sophisticated ways to have fun while stoned. These best smoke tricks will make the process much more entertaining and aesthetically appealing.

Smoke Rings

Smoke weed rings are a classic. Once you master the skill, you can do it with any type of smoke: tobacco, marijuana, or hookah.

The most important thing in doing any trick is to control the smoke intake—there is nothing worse than coughing out your lungs when trying to perform a cool smoking trick. Inhale and let the smoke sit in your cheeks for a second.

The next step is to learn how to curl your lips in the form of a circle. Open your mouth into the shape of a ring, at the same time hiding your tongue at the bottom of your mouth. You should not even exhale—the way to get the smoke “O” to come out of your mouth is to push quick bursts of air from your chest up with a delicate cough. This movement of the throat muscle releases a bit of smoke and lets it come out of your open mouth in the shape of a perfect ring.

French Inhale

A French inhale, also known as the Irish waterfall, is probably the most popular smoking trick. It looks absolutely astonishing! Once you master smoking marijuana, you can easily perform this gimmick.

You have seen it in the video “French Inhale” by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa—a dense cloud of smoke exhaled through the mouth rises to the nose.

Like with smoking circles, you have to inhale through a pipe and let the smoke stay in your mouth but out of your lungs for a second. You can do it by allowing the smoke to fill your cheeks. Once you do so, position your tongue in the back of your mouth and widen it so that it covers your mouth entirely. Then, open your mouth slowly, wait for the smoke to flow out, and begin breathing in through your nose. You do not need to exhale and inhale at the same time—it is impossible. The goal here is to recycle the smoke so that it goes back in your throat. It will create a reverse waterfall of smoke effect.

There are some nuances you should know before performing this trick. First, do not attempt to do it when you have a cold—it could just worsen your condition. Second, this trick works best in a room where there is no airflow. And finally, if you exhale through the nose before opening the mouth, the trick will be smoother.

Ghost Inhale

Now, we are moving on to more complicated smoking techniques. This one involves blowing out a bubble of smoke and quickly inhaling it again. Ghosts are known to appear and disappear in a cloud of smoke. This trick creates an image of a ghost being sucked back from where it came from.

First, again, hold the smoke in your cheeks for a bit. Your trick will look more astonishing and be easier to pull off if you do not inhale the smoke into your lungs. Then, slightly open your mouth, so that a little ball of smoke comes out of your mouth, then exhale slowly for a second or two. You do not need the smoke to get too far out of your mouth. Now, when the smoke is still in a cloud, you should quickly inhale it back in. You might also move your head towards it to get it all.

Smoke Ring and Ghost Inhale in one

If you already know how to make circles with smoke and mastered the ghost inhale trick, you can try this one. It is probably the most visually impressive and, at the same time, the most complicated skill.

The way to do this trick is to create a smoke ring, blow a little ghost bubble through the ring, and inhale them both back in at the same time. So, the procedure is as follows: produce your smoke “O,” give it time to expand a little, blow your little ghost bubble through the middle of the ring, and then quickly inhale both.

This smoking trick requires a big hit of smoke and good control so that you do not to let it all out in one go.

Smoke Tornado

The smoke tornado is a relatively simple but extremely fun weed smoke trick that can be learned with some practice. There are a couple of ways to perform it: one requires a cardboard roll, another could be done with your hands.

The first method involves exhaling the smoke into a cardboard cylinder slowly, allowing it to collect in the tube. Then, you have to hold the cylinder over a flat surface (a table or glass would work best), but avoid completely blocking the hole on the bottom of the tube. When the smoke starts to collect on the table but before it flies away, remove the tube from the table and gently whip the smoke into a tornado with your hand. Finally, lift your hand quickly into the air in order to drag the smoke upwards.

The second method is almost the same but without the cardboard roll—you can just blow the smoke directly onto the table. The way you move your hand is very important: if you push your palm towards the smoke, you could push it away. The catch is to move your hand downwards at the smoke and, when your fingers touch the surface, pull the hand upwards.

Ghost Hands

These “ghost hands” have nothing to do with those from horror stories that are told on the night of Halloween, except for the breathtaking effect they cause.

This smoke trick with weed is pretty primitive. Inhale the smoke, hold it for a second, and then exhale it onto your palms. You have to avoid blowing too hard. The thicker the smoke is and the more slowly you exhale it, the better the trick looks.

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