Nov 10, 2016 12:15 PM

Santa Claus Supports Medical Marijuana

While Alaskan communities are trying to find their way of dealing with the newly legalized drug, many are opting out.

Among those who are against marijuana legalization is North Pole, a small city in the north of Alaska, and that does not sit well with the city's most remarkable resident—Santa Claus. He has placed medical marijuana on his “nice” list.

Santa Claus is a real man who has legally changed his name. But do not think he is some creepy old dude! Instead, he is very religious, a child advocate, and a complete monk. He changed his name to be able to help children even more. Santa says that it may really sound weird, but it is true, and it really helps.

He worked as a city council member in North Pole for a year. Before taking that position, he worked in the government, specializing in law enforcement and security. Besides, he also worked against various types of prohibition, so it is not surprising that his old life is now influencing his new one.

Now Santa is taking a stand against Proposition 7 that has appeared in North Pole. The residents of the city have recently voted for the prohibition of marijuana trading within the town limits.

Santa Claus is also a cancer patient who treats his illness with the help of marijuana. Weed has helped him reduce the symptoms and live a normal life.

Santa thinks that people fight for prohibition because of fear that engenders hate.

For now, Santa Claus has to grow his own cannabis plants or travel to the nearby cities to purchase marijuana from the licensed dispensaries. Otherwise, he will suffer from unimaginable pain.

And when it comes to whether you were a bad boy this year or a good one, you do not need to worry. Santa promises that marijuana consumers will get no coal in their stockings unless they did something really terrifying.

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