Oct 20, 2016 12:35 PM

“Rocky” Relationship Between Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn and Tyler: What Is the Truth?

On Oct. 10, Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn Lowell had an interview with MTV News where she discussed her relationship with her husband Tyler Baltierra, 24.

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The 24-year-old star has recently entered a treatment program in Arizona that will deal with her mental health issues and cannabis use. Catelynn was previously featured on 16 and Pregnant, after which she came home to Michigan to start a new life. Her husband Baltierra was recommended to be considerate and delicate when discussing his wife's recovery with her.

Lowell says that she feels like her relationship with Tyler has always been good, sometimes rocky, because during the hard times, especially with the added strain of mental illness, no one wants to put all the heavy stuff on the partner.

The author of the Conquering Chaos also shares with MTV that her husband is very good at listening to her problems and giving her his own opinion and sometimes even good advice. The relationship between partners is always something you have to work on, Catelynn believes. You have to make a lot of effort trying to be honest and open to your wife or husband and understanding that the right way is not hurting your beloved but trying to keep those warm feelings towards each other at any cost.

During a dramatic episode that you could have seen last week, Baltierra did not hesitate to tell the MTV starlet that in case she was not capable of changing her ways, he would have to check out; otherwise, he would become distant and start closing everybody off.

In fact, the most continuous and harsh arguments the couple has had were about Lowell’s mental health condition and the depression that developed as a result. However, the young mom of Novalee, 21 months, says that Tyler, her husband, has been trying to ease up on his delivery.

Catelynn is thrilled that Tyler has been working with a counselor on how to say the right things that will not hurt his wife, what tone to use, what things to do, and other stuff. Both Catelynn and Tyler are currently working on themselves together and separately.

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