May 30, 2017 12:30 PM

Robot Budtenders to Replace Humans

All introverted stoners rejoice! If you are not a person to seek human company when buying weed, there is a solution for you that does not require speaking with anyone!

Many people know firsthand the unpleasant nervous shivers that run through your body when you enter a dispensary and face a budtender. Human interaction is a tricky thing that can be quite uncomfortable for introverts. The need to come up to a budtender and ask them numerous questions about the product you want to buy seems dreadful to some of us.

The good news is that one cannabis technology company has decided to eliminate this problem once and for all. Phoenix-based American Green has created a vending machine that uses biometric verification to sell marijuana. In theory, this device can be used to sell any goods. It has great potential with alcohol, cigarettes, casino chips, and even guns. However, the company decided to remain in the cannabis industry, for now at least.

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Three Incredible Weed Innovations Everyone Wants to See in Near Future
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American Green named its creation ZaZZZ. The device was first presented at a Las Vegas convention in April. The use of the new invention has not been approved in any state yet; however, many experts predict its popularity in such states as California that allow cannabis sales outside of the licensed dispensaries.

It is said that the machine can scan people not only for age but valid doctor prescriptions as well. The prototype can screen buyers and access their accounts for identification and doctor's prescription. The device scans a customer's finger and is equipped with a camera. A member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Erik Altieri, says that the device can make the experience more comfortable for the customers, and they will not “run into their pastor or kindergarten teacher outside a dispensary."

The main concern of the company is security. It is prepared for various situations that can happen including a person using someone else’s cut-off finger! The company says that this devious plan will not work because the scanner examines the vein architecture; it means that it will detect if there is no blood circulation and will not show the results.

Though the machine seems to be a high-tech innovation, it is not the first device to automatically sell cannabis. Some vending machines are already operating. For example, in 2015 in Seattle, a similar machine, also operated by American Green, was introduced. Last year, Vancouver also acquired a “budtender.” The only difference is that these “old” devices are always accompanied by an individual who checks the IDs.

Hopefully, ZaZZZ will appear in every state soon, and we will be able to enjoy the privacy of buying weed.

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