Jun 6, 2018 2:41 PM

Popular YouTuber Josh Leyva Set To Host Cannabis-Cooking Show On Netflix

YouTube comedian Josh Leyva is set to enter the cannabis entertainment industry later this month as the host of Netflix's marijuana-themed show 'Cooking on High.' Leyva will appear alongside a slew of celebrity guest judges that will assess the cannabis-infused dishes prepared on the competitive cooking show.

Netflix's new cannabis-cooking program will also feature marijuana activist Ngaio Bealum - formerly the host of 'Cannabis Planet' - as the 'culinary weed expert' on the show. 'Cooking on High' will work similar to 'Master Chef': a group of 10 chefs will compete to deliver the best cannabis-infused dish which will be presented to a panel of 4 celebrity judges.

There is, of course, a catch. Every dish served up on 'Cooking On High' has to, well, get you high. If the dish served isn't stoney enough, it'll get sent back to the kitchen. That means the chefs will have to have a good understanding of THC extraction in order to win (and hopefully that the judges can handle their weed well enough to make the right call).

But hey, with that much weed on set, you shouldn't see anyone throw a Gordon Ramsay style tantrum when things don''t go according to plan.

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