Oct 25, 2016 12:45 PM

Philadelphia's Marijuana Mascot Promotes Pop-Up Pot Garden

This year, the marijuana activists of Philadelphia will celebrate the state's two-year anniversary of marijuana decriminalization. The residents of the state will have the opportunity to visit a “pop-up pot garden” outside the Philadelphia Art Museum. More than that, the pro-pot lobby will hold a press conference at City Hall in order to release the statistics about the number of citations for possessing marijuana.

Marijuana decriminalization changed the policy of the city police. According to NBC, now, when officers find 30 grams of cannabis on a person, they do not detain the individual. Instead, they issue a citation that comes with a payable fine. The new law states that possessing less than 30 grams of marijuana entails a $25 fine. Smoking weed in public is punished with a $100 fine.

This pop-up pot garden is a hat tip to Philly’s recent love for pop-up beer gardens, according to Chris Goldstein, Philadelphia’s longstanding cannabis legalization advocate and official with the city’s chapter of the NORML.

Goldstein says that with this project, they are kindly making fun of the people who drink beer wherever they want. They will do it similarly to a beer garden, but it will be BYOW—bring your own weed. He also believes that marijuana activists will see the day when BYOW becomes a legal trend not only in Philadelphia.

Goldstein also adds that in two years, the popularity of pop-up marijuana gardens will significantly expand.

N.A. Poe, another famous marijuana legalization activist, is promoting the weed garden in a special green garb. On YouTube, you can even find the video of him playing a cannabis leaf mascot. The residents of the city meet the 160-pound marijuana leaf with no anger; instead, people talk to the cannabis symbol and take photos with him.

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