Oct 30, 2016 12:15 PM

“Nothing Compares 2 U” Singer Fights Cannabis Addiction

In her recent post on Facebook, the famous Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has confessed that she is fighting her weed dependency after being a marijuana user for thirty years. Not so long ago, Sinead had a number of mental health problems and sought medical help for her addiction to cannabis.

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O’Connor reveals she has been in rehab and is going to spend the next year in a sober-living facility. The singer says it is like a home environment completed with a support system. Support is the most important thing Sinead needs these days as last year was really dramatic for her. The singer tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized. After that, she did not return home from a bicycle ride and went missing. Recently, the singer had a hysterectomy and is still recovering from it.

After all of the events of the past year, Sinead thinks that it is a miracle she is not on every drug available nowadays.

The singer is very proud she had the courage to battle her marijuana addiction even though it was not easy.

O’Connor is still weak after the hysterectomy. The musician says that she feels miserable after the surgery. She lost a lot of blood because her liver was cut accidentally. Furthermore, she complains that her liver is killing her, and it is so painful that she cannot even breathe.

The singer also received hormone replacement in the USA two weeks ago and is thankful to her American doctor for it. She considers hormone replacement a much better option than surgery and recommends the procedure to other people.

It seems that Sinead O’Connor’s posts are full of despair. The singer feels very lonely and is shocked to be so all alone. Maybe, it is the main reason for her decision to fight weed addiction.

Is weed really so addictive that it requires rehab? In fact, cannabis is less addictive than caffeine. At least, scientists who ranked different psychoactive substances on such criteria as withdrawal, reinforcement, tolerance, dependence, and intoxication think so.

The issue with marijuana is, however, that it causes not physical but psychological dependence.

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