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Match Made in Heaven: Best Multiplayer Games for Stoners

Smoking with friends is always better than smoking alone. However, even in the company of stoners, you may be bored. We have found a way to enliven the situation at your next marijuana session—offer your friends playing a video game together. We have already published an article about the games that you can play alone. Now, it is time for multiplayer games.

If you do not know what game to choose, we can recommend you a couple of titles that match weed perfectly.

Super Smash Bros.

What can be better than the classic game from our childhood? We all know and love the Super Mario Game. You may not have known it, but you can enjoy your favorite characters playing Super Smash Bros. If your friends are true gamers, they will gladly accept this offer and join you. Besides, you can easily smoke your favorite weed while playing. It is a fighting game, so everybody will be involved in the competition.


While most games in the market may look very alike, Catherine is somewhat a novice. The game is equipped with a strong storyline that involves adult themes and features beautifully designed characters.

If you are getting together with your significant other, the game can liven up your evening. Besides, the special atmosphere may inspire a couple for intimacy if marijuana has not done it already. In case you happen to use cannabis as a mean to diversify your sex, combine it with this game to set the right mood. Just do not forget about your planned shenanigans while playing the game for the whole evening.

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The next game is a side-scrolling platformer that introduces us to the picturesque world of wooden puppets. The main character is a boy changed into a puppet. If you are going to play the game with your friends, they will control the boy's friend fairy. Puppeteer makes the dream world that you imagine while you are high real. Let go of your daily problems and enjoy the fictional world of Puppeteer with your friends.

Mortal Kombat

If you have not determined yet who in your smoking circle is the best gamer, Mortal Kombat will help you complete the task. While Super Smash Bros. reminds you of your childhood, Mortal Kombat can satisfy your “craving for blood.” If your high makes you competitive, offer your friends to play this game and have a great time with them. Besides, you can easily get back at those of them who happen to irritate you with their horrible pet peeves.

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Be Aware: Most Common Stoners' Pet Peeves
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We all know that MK is a great game to play sober, but just imagine how cool it will seem when you are stoned.

Gang Beasts

If the game Gang Beasts does not satisfy your “high” demands, nothing will. The game makes you control strange little creatures that can make anyone laugh their heads off. At first, the “beasts” may seem very clumsy, but soon enough, you will enjoy the perks of controlling them. The main advantage of Gang Beasts is the multiplayer mode that allows up to eight friends to compete with each other.


Worms is a series of popular video games initially released back in 1995. The game features cartoonish worms that battle each other. The game has been the main multiplayer choice for decades uniting friends and bringing fun to millions of people around the world. The series has so many installments that everyone can choose the one that they will like the most. You and your friends may start from the simple yet capturing games with old graphics. Or you can download the latest installment to relish the beautiful modern graphics and other improvements.

Rayman: Origins

Rayman Origins is the fourth installment of the Reyman series. Of course, every game of the series is interesting to play when you are stoned, but this part is the funniest of them all. Just like Puppeteer, Rayman is a side-scrolling game. This time, you will control small characters who easily travel through different levels and fight their enemies. Rayman is a game for four friends who want to laugh and spend a good time together—meaning that it is great for a group of stoners just like you.

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