Oct 24, 2016 9:03 AM

Marijuana-Themed Show My Delivery Guy Hits YouTube

Any marijuana enthusiast who regularly gets high on weed can relate to the hilarious antics in this new fascinating web series. On Oct. 16, 2016, the Americans were impressed with the released pilot episode of My Delivery Guy.

The series comes from the creators of the film that won at the 2016 Marijuana Film Fest—Trippin’ With the Folks. For now, My Delivery Guy has only seven episodes in which two marijuana-loving roommates are trying to be best friends with their Chinese food delivery man, whose name is Bobbo (played by Jon J.Peterson). The roles of roommates are played by Groundling improvisation performers Tru Valentino and Devon Franklin.

The episodes of My Delivery Guy are funny and authentic. After watching at least one episode of the series, you will love how close these two marijuana enthusiasts are and the way they idolize the delivery man. By the way, in the beginning, it is unknown why the two young stoners worship the delivery guy; we can only assume that the reason lies in the fact he relieves their munchies. The two marijuana smokers find different hilarious ways to mess around with Bobbo’s life, and the unique cannabis-related comedy underlines the significance of friendship, pop culture, and multiculturalism.

The first episode has a name with a deep sense—“The Delivery Jesus.” It is enough to watch only a few minutes of the pilot episode to understand how desperately and insistently the two roommates try to be good friends with the food delivery guy. They both make the best compliments they can think of and express strong love to the delivery man. They compete for Bobbo’s attention with an unseen enthusiasm, and they want to see the same friendly attitude coming from him. However, he is just a man who wants to get paid for the delivery services and finish his working day!

What is really great about this web series is that it is available on YouTube, so you can feel free to watch it. The directors of this fascinating show are Danny MacDonald and Meghan Weinstein.

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