Aug 17, 2016 9:40 AM

Marijuana Etiquette: Learning How to Smoke Pot

One may think that pot smoking is just a regular thing that has no rules and limits. If you think so, you are either a newbie or a lonely smoker. An experienced stoner knows that pot smoking has its traditions and etiquette. So, let us shed light on this matter.

There are some unspoken rules of weed smoking you should know, especially if you have just started to discover the world of marijuana. Moreover, these rules did not appear along with marijuana legalization; they have always been present in the smoking culture.

At a Party

  1. If you have decided to bring some marijuana as a gift for a host or hostess, you are free to do this. Nevertheless, the first thing you should do is to find out whether they accept marijuana and smoke it. Secondly, you should remember that it does not mean that the host or hostess should share the presented marijuana with you. Moreover, the host is free not to smoke it that night. It is better to present marijuana in the form of a small glass jar or a pre-rolled joint or two.
  2. Do not forget to ask the hosts if they do not mind marijuana smoking. Moreover, even if you are a host yourself, do not forget to ask if your guests are okay with it.
  3. If you brought your own pot with you, you are free to take it with you when you leave.
  4. If you are a host, you do not have to include marijuana in your menu.
  5. It is very important to be respectful to everyone. Even if the host or hostess is pro-cannabis, some of the guests may not be. That is why do not let marijuana smoking turn into the highlight of the night. If there are a couple of guests who smoke pot, you should not sneak off to smoke with them. You should offer everyone to smoke the same way you offer wine or dessert. It also means that you should be ready to share your pot with everyone, so it is better to stock up.

While in a Pot Circle

  1. It absolutely does not matter which way you pass the hit around the circle. Nevertheless, once you have chosen a particular direction, make sure to stick to it, so that everyone keeps up with their turn. In case the bowl becomes cashed before everyone gets a chance to have a hit, do not forget to start the next bowl where it ended.
  2. Do not forget about the rules of the so-called “Green Hit.” A Green Hit is the first hit from any pipe or bowl, which should be offered to someone else in the pot circle. It is like opening doors for the elderly and women. It is not necessary, but it shows whether you are polite and have good manners.
  3. If you accidentally torched all the green on your first hit, you should expose more fresh marijuana by flipping some of the bottom weed onto the top of the bowl. This technique allows the bowl to be passed around and cornered while leaving a green hit for everyone.
  4. Sometimes it happens that as the bowl goes around the circle, some people refuse to smoke. However, you should offer these people to smoke each time the bowl reaches them. It would be a mistake to suggest that because they refused to hit during the last round, they do not want to hit in this round. Even if you are sure that a particular person will not smoke, they might feel left out if you do not offer.
  5. Have you heard about the well-known rule of “puff-puff-pass”? It means that it is appropriate to take one-two hits from a pipe or joint before passing it on. It is very important to follow this rule not to make others wait for too long and allow everyone to get an equal dosage of pot.
  6. Nevertheless, if you have much time, and there is a small group of smokers, sometimes stoners choose “euro-style” smoking. What does it mean? Each of you takes three or four long drags before passing the hit.
  7. Sometimes it happens that a pot circle has already started, and you are late. How to cut in? It is not easy but possible. First of all, you can tell a really good story, so that all people in the circle get interested. You can use it to cut in the pot circle and become one of them. Another option is to load your own bowl. In case the pot circle is large, it would be appropriate if you loaded a fresh bowl and jumped in anywhere. The third way is to bring something of your own and offer to others. It can be food, drinks, or anything else.
  8. Do not pass the bowl if you had a bad hit and know that the next hit will be the same. Instead, hand the pipe or bong back to the person who is in charge of loading the pot. In case you are not sure whether the bowl is totally cashed, blow lightly across the top of the bowl. This will send the ash flying but will leave the bud intact. However, do not do this if you are smoking indoors.

In a New Company

  1. Bring your own marijuana to share with the group, especially if the smoke session was your idea in the first place.
  2. Do not persuade someone to smoke weed. Of course, we know that marijuana is great; however, there are a lot of people who do not think so. Do not make them smoke and respect their decision.
  3. Make sure you removed all the seeds and stems. They taste bad when burned and make a bowl or a joint pop and spark.
  4. In case you cannot roll a joint, it is okay to be honest about it. Rolling a good joint is a hard task, which takes a lot of practice and skills. Meanwhile, smoking a poorly rolled joint can be too disappointing. Nobody wants to waste weed or get a product that is impossible to smoke. That is why, if your rolling skills are not good enough, be honest about it. Let somebody else do it.
  5. It is okay to light your own marijuana in case you have rolled a joint or a blunt. If someone else uses your weed to roll, however, they should light it.
  6. Do not forget to offer somebody else to smoke first and remember the rule of “puff-puff-pass.”
  7. If you are sick, you should tell others about it.
  8. Do not slobber on the piece. It is not only impolite but also rather unpleasant.
  9. Do not make everyone wait for you. Even if you are telling a very interesting story when it is your turn to smoke, exhale and continue.
  10. Remember to clear the chamber, because stale smoke is awful. It tastes bad and causes a mean cough. That is why it is very important to clear the chamber of your bong or pipe before passing it on.
  11. Do not ever blow smoke into someone else’s face. It is very rude and inappropriate.
  12. Be very careful with the bong. If you break or damage something that is not yours, be polite and offer to replace it.
  13. Let everyone in the group feel welcome.
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