Jun 6, 2017 12:50 PM

Marijuana and Pets: Can Dogs Get High?

We are responsible for those we tame. With the marijuana legalization movement gaining momentum across the country, these words get a totally new meaning. While the law protects our kids and states that they should not be exposed to marijuana, it does not say a single word about protecting our pets. Can a dog get high on weed? Is marijuana dangerous to our little furry friends? Or maybe it is a new generation of veterinary medicine that may even save your pet's life? WeedInFocus will help you figure this out.

How do dogs get high?

There are three ways a dog can get high:

  • if it ingests marijuana-infused edibles;
  • when it is exposed to secondhand smoke;
  • if it eats marijuana leaves or buds.

Of course, a stoned dog may look cute and funny. But even if they look hilarious, what they feel at that moment is not something you would like to feel yourself. In contrast to us, humans, dogs can hardly be said to enjoy being high because the most common effects of marijuana on dogs are:

  • loss of balance;
  • breathing problems;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • abnormal heart rhythms.

Plus, although there was not a single case of a marijuana overdose-related death, it works only for humans. For pets, however, cannabis overdose is a deadly threat. So, feeding some weed to your pets just for fun and then watching your dogs getting high seems to be a really bad idea.

So, how to protect your pet? The main safety rule is quite simple: just keep your weed as far away from your dogs and cats as possible. Also, keep in mind that you'd better not to have your dogs around when you are smoking weed. Breathing in secondhand smoke is just as dangerous for them as eating a plate of weed brownies.

How You Can Help Pets If They Eat Your Marijuana
How You Can Help Pets If They Eat Your Marijuana
Medical marijuana can be beneficial for your pet's health, as there are a number of studies that prove the effectiveness of cannabidiol (or CBD) in treating some animal diseases. Now, some cannabis dispensaries even offer CBD treatment for dogs or cats.

What about medical weed?

It is true that marijuana may be used as an alternative medicine for your pet. Just like with humans, medical marijuana may be helpful in managing severe conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, or cancer. Cannabis may ease the dog's pain, improve its appetite, and make the pet feel a bit more comfortable. Plus, when used wisely, medical marijuana may have fewer side-effects than traditional veterinary medications.

Can We Use Sativa Strains for Treating Pets?
Can We Use Sativa Strains for Treating Pets?
What should you do if you see that your lovely pet is suffering? Traditional medicine is not always safe due to the side effects. But what about natural products based on CBD—can they help the problem?

But just like with any other medication, the right dosage means everything. The tricky thing is that it is extremely hard to determine the perfect dosage of cannabis for a dog. There are too many factors that may affect the results. The dog's age and weight, however, play the most significant role. You cannot give the same amount of weed to two dogs of different age and/or weight and expect them to have the same reaction to it.

Plus, you need to understand that treating your dog with cannabis and getting your dog high are totally different things. If combating a severe condition is your main goal, try using products that contain CBD and not THC. CBD is non-psychoactive, so it won't get your pet high. It may be either CBD-oil itself or special cannabis-infused treats for pets with CBD.

Weed for Animals: Can You Cure Your Pet With Cannabis?
Weed for Animals: Can You Cure Your Pet With Cannabis?
Cannabis can be an effective medical treatment for many serious human diseases, such as cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and a wide range of other conditions. But can cannabis ease the suffering of our furry friends? Let us find out.

And no matter what you choose, make sure to consult your vet before giving any weed to your dog.

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