Oct 25, 2016 12:05 PM

Man From Oregon Tries to Pay for a Snowmobile With Marijuana

According to the officials, a Sandy man was cited for an attempt to pay for a snowmobile with a pound of cannabis on Oct. 16. The problem was that the owner of the snowmobile was an Oregon State Trooper.

Jason Owen, 29, found the owner of a snowmobile on the widely-known website Craigslist early last week and asked whether he would accept a pound of cannabis as payment for the vehicle.

According to Statesman Journal, the owner of the vehicle, who turned out to be an Oregon State Trooper, informed his supervisor and asked for a consultation of the Oregon State Police Drug Enforcement Section to make an appointment with Owen.

The Oregon Trooper agreed to meet Jason Owen at a Pilot gas station in Brooks, where a police vehicle was waiting for him. The police saw the suspect arrive at the driving lot. Several marked patrol cars stopped the traffic, and the trooper introduced himself to Owen.

After the inspection, the police officers found more than a pound of cannabis in the car. The trooper informed Jason Owen he had committed a crime by possessing more than a pound of cannabis without going through any licensed medical marijuana dispensary or the control commission of the state.

Owen was accused of marijuana delivery, and his automobile was confiscated due to his suspended driving status.

By the way, Owen was not alone in his car. A 26-year-old woman, the passenger of Owen's car, was not accused.

Oregon State Police recommends the residents of the state to educate themselves on the medical marijuana laws. They are the following.

  • The residents of Oregon are allowed to possess and use marijuana for recreational needs if they are older than 21.
  • Licensed dispensaries may sell up to an ounce of weed to recreational marijuana users of the legal age.
  • Residents are allowed to possess up to eight ounces of cannabis inside the house and one ounce outside.
  • Marijuana growers can cultivate not more than four cannabis plants.
  • Marijuana is forbidden to be taken in or out of Oregon.
  • Marijuana edibles can be used only on private property.
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