Jun 27, 2016 9:20 AM

Kush Strains: History of the Most Popular Kind of Weed

Although some people have a habit of calling every potent, high-quality marijuana strain “the Kush,” this name applies to a very certain genetic lineage of indica-dominant cannabis plants. Today, there are dozens of various Kush strains out there, created by both mother nature and curious breeders. As recently as a few decades ago, the variety of the Kush strains was not as rich. In fact, there was only one extremely potent indica strain growing in the area between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Later, the strain was named after the mountain range located nearby—the Hindu Kush.

The beginning of the Kush era

The original Kush strain was a source of pride in Afghanistan. Until the late 1970s, Afghanistan was among the biggest producers of marijuana and hashish. Moreover, growing and producing weed was legal in the country thanks to Afghanistan's cannabis-friendly king.

In 1973, however, there were a lot of changes. The king was replaced by a self-appointed president, and one of the first things the new president did was making both marijuana and hashish illegal. The conflicts that followed after the coup made the situation even worse. But fortunately, the end of the marijuana-friendly era in Afghanistan did not mean the end of the Kush strain era; quite the opposite, it was its beginning.

A big journey to a great success

In the mid-1960s and early 1970s, when the situation is the countries near to Hindu Kush mountains was less tense, lots of travelers visited these magnificent hillsides and valleys. Some of those travelers (most people think they were hippies) brought some Kush seed with them. This is how the plant made its way both to Europe and to North America.

With its indica-dominant genetics, the original Kush strain was a real bombshell for the breeders. It helped the breeders shorten the flowering time of their weed plants; the Kush strain became a perfect basis for dozens of new indica and hybrid strains.

After the years of cross breeding and experimentation, Kush strains started getting the acknowledgment they deserved. During numerous fairs and competitions, both producers and consumers paid a lot of attention to this incredible group of strains with a word “Kush” in their names. Over the years, the most potent and high-quality successors of the original Kush strain, both indica and sativa-dominant, received numerous awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup, securing its status as one of the most elite subsets of marijuana strains.

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