Nov 16, 2016 12:15 PM

Jimmy Buffet Wants Floridians to Support Amendment 2

Jimmy Buffet, a singer and a songwriter, wants the residents of Florida to vote yes on Amendment 2, the initiative to make medical marijuana legal in Florida. The celebrity even made a video of filling out his ballot.

The Amendment 1 critics like Buffet say that the legalese in the amendment deceives voters into believing it will expand the assortment of solar-power options while it only restricts third-party sales.

If Amendment 2 passes, people who suffer from debilitating medical conditions will get access to medical marijuana. Buffet confessed that after he had fallen off the stage in Austria, he used to consume cannabis to reduce the pain. More than that, the singer says that from firsthand experience, he can assure that medical marijuana is truly a great cure.

Buffet’s song “Margaritaville” is a slacker anthem that made the singer extremely popular. According to the recent interview with Buffet, his fortune is nearly $400 million.

Despite the fact that Amendment 2 provides access to weed only for people with severe symptoms, the opponents of medical marijuana legalization in Florida say that it is a backdoor way to outright cannabis legalization. However, the experience of Colorado and Washington shows that outright legalization is not a bad thing—in fact, many people argue absolutely the opposite. In any case, baby steps are better than nothing.

One group of opponents of medical marijuana legalization is the Florida Medical Association, which includes more than 20,000 influential physicians. The association is supported by PhRMA, the most authoritative organization in the pharmaceutical industry. PhRMA is known as the main opponent of medical marijuana, spending millions of dollars to fund anti-cannabis campaigns all over America.

The last time the residents of Florida voted on medical marijuana legalization barely failed. However, this year, things seem to be different. The overall criticism of medical marijuana in the state has reduced. A recent survey shows that 73% of residents in Florida will vote yes on Amendment 2. Let us remind you that 60% is enough to pass the measure.

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