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Is Weed Hangover a Real Thing?

Though not all stoners face weed hangovers, they are more common than we all know. The range of symptoms is so wide that some of us may not even know that they have it. In addition, there are many misconceptions passed from one stoner to another.

Unfortunately, the studies on weed hangovers are very limited. So, we will try to sort out all important information to gain the full understanding of the phenomenon.

Cannabis popularity is a recent notion, so, it is not surprising that the proper studies are lacking. However, there are many anecdotal reports on weed hangovers. In general, they are linked to overconsumption. Taking into account the fact that every one of us reacts to the plant differently depending on their tolerance, body chemistry, and other factors, it is always better to start low and go slow to avoid any consequences.

5 Reasons People Have Different Reactions to Weed
5 Reasons People Have Different Reactions to Weed
Have you noticed that sometimes you get not the reaction you expect from a particular strain? Though it might seem like your budtender deceived you, weed really affects everyone differently, and even science cannot explain why that happens.

Let us take those few studies that focus on the matter and coincide them.

One of the most substantial studies was conducted back in 1985. In this research, 13 male participants were presented with a smoke and given a number of behavioral tasks afterwards. Some of them smoked joints with 2.9 percent of THC. Others received placebo. After a good night's sleep, the participants were examined once more. The scientists noted that cannabis consumers had a residual effect and suggested that marijuana consumption can lead to hangovers. The nature of the effects and their extent were to be determined. At the same time, there is still place for critique due to the small number of participants and the lack of diversity.

Some years later, in 1998, a similar study on the residual effects of cannabis was published. This time, there were 10 participants who also had to smoke a single joint. The study concluded that those effects were minimal.

Can You Get Hangover From Weed?
Can You Get Hangover From Weed?
A hangover is usually associated with alcohol and other drugs consumption, while marijuana users are believed to be free of these aftereffects. However, some of them report experiencing hangover symptoms after consuming THC. So, can marijuana cause a hangover? And what can science tell us on this matter?

The difference between studies and the anecdotal evidence may be in the dosage of marijuana. Most people report experiencing a weed hangover after consuming a higher dose, especially concerning concentrated and edibles. Thus, it is important to state which products are more likely to leave a lasting impact.


Following the abovementioned anecdotal claims, many people suffer from the consumption of concentrates and edibles. The fact may be caused by the high concentration of cannabinoids in these products, so, it is easy to use too much of them. In addition, you may feel a lingering high in the morning due to the slow rate at which edibles metabolize in the body.

Many resources even state that marijuana is more dehydrating than alcohol which can be directly connected with the symptoms of a hangover. However, there is no science to back up such assumptions. What cannabis does cause is the dry mouth that is often confused with dehydration. In fact, this is simply that lack of saliva that has nothing to do with the lack of water in the body. It happens because THC binds to the glands responsible for the saliva production which leads to the dry and uncomfortable sensation.

In any case, drinking a lot of water will help you lessen the symptoms. So, make sure you are staying hydrated.


Since the studies on the weed hangover are so limited, most of the symptoms are based on the user reports. In addition, there are many factors that may come into play and change how people are feeling.

In general, there are several symptoms that are most common and severe. The first of them is a headache. Just like with the alcohol, this nuisance can bother you the whole day after a good toking session. Once again, many attribute it to dehydration. However, there is no proof of it. The scenario is possible only if you in your high state forget to drink water yourself. There is hardly a person in our world who does not know how to treat headaches. Just follow your usual routine of temple massages, compresses, and medication

In addition to this side effect, your head may also become foggy. You are in a daze and become unfocused. To top the experience, you feel fatigue and do not want to even get up. Brain fog may seem to be unstoppable, but you actually can lessen it. Even if you really do not want to—get moving. Take a cold shower to wake up your senses and clear your head. Finally, choose healthy food for your breakfast and stay hydrated.

Nausea is also a common residual effect according to the consumers' reports. Though it happens not as often as headaches, it is still very unpleasant. In this case, eat healthily and choose mild products. Once again—stay hydrated. If nausea does not fade away, try using medication.

The last symptom on our list is red eyes. This experience is not a rarity for stoners. Usually, it appears during smoking. However, sometimes, your eyes remain red and dry even in the morning. To sooth them, just use wetting drops. If the redness does not fade away, use medicine.

Are There Side Effects of Smoking Weed?
Are There Side Effects of Smoking Weed?
Every April 20, potheads all across the United States celebrate the so-called “Weed Day” or “420”—the unofficial holiday of marijuana.

Today, the weed hangover may be only passed by word of mouth from a stoner to a stoner. However, in the future, more research on the matter will be able to tell us the science behind the phenomenon.

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