Oct 13, 2016 12:15 PM

Is Pot Really Mainstream?

Cannabis has been so popular lately that it may be even considered mainstream. The 420 trend has entered almost all spheres of our life. Even people who do not smoke cannabis and have nothing to do with it know the latest news about the plant. Can it be that cannabis is becoming a cultural phenomenon that is going to stay with us for a while?

In the past, people who favored marijuana were generally shunned. The negative attitude towards cannabis had been advocated for decades. The War on Drugs and the anti-pot propaganda created the image of marijuana that had occupied the minds of American citizens up until a decade or so ago.

Fortunately, today, the image and status of the herb have changed. The plant's legalization is the most significant process in the whole existence of cannabis in our life. The fact that weed is becoming legal in more and more places alone can say a lot about the plant's status in the country. Whether you live in a state with legalized cannabis or not, the politicians in your state touch upon the subject at least cursory.

However, not only the U.S. is on the way of marijuana legalization. Canada and some countries in Europe pay attention to the question as well. The attitude towards cannabis in changing in the whole world, and it seems that nothing can stop it.

No Decriminalization of Marijuana, No Problems: EU Keeps Smoking Anyway
No Decriminalization of Marijuana, No Problems: EU Keeps Smoking Anyway
Marijuana remains illegal in most European countries (with a notable exception of the Netherlands). While Europe is perceived as “soft on drugs,” only some EU countries pursue the policy of decriminalization of marijuana. This fact, however, does not stop Europeans from using cannabis anyway.

People do not perceive the plant as a hard drug that can damage the lives of people anymore. Nowadays, the media is full of marijuana-related issues.

There are a few running and upcoming TV shows that revolve around the topic. While some other great TV shows like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead are mainstream right now, cannabis series have a potential to become just as popular.

4 Upcoming Series That Will Change Cannabis Representation on TV
4 Upcoming Series That Will Change Cannabis Representation on TV
As people who are deeply devoted to cannabis, we all have watched dozens of “marijuana-infused” comedies. All of them are special and interesting in their own way. However, the industry is reaching new heights and cannot stop on classic cannabis comedies.

The pot culture is also expanding and occupying new niches. There are a few more signs that marijuana has gone mainstream and is finding its way into all spheres of our life.

Evolution of Cannabis Culture: From Ancient Greeks to Modern Apps
Evolution of Cannabis Culture: From Ancient Greeks to Modern Apps
The cannabis culture has gone a long way to becoming what it is right now—mainstream. Cannabis has developed from being mostly associated with the Rastafarian culture to turning into the main topic of TV shows. Today, pot is something mass and popular.

A bright example of marijuana going into the masses is pot humor. People understanding cannabis humor and slang is one of those tricky things that make the plant so mainstream. When you study a new culture, understanding the mechanics and the specificity of its humor is the first step toward success.

People are mainly acquainted with pot humor through the numerous cannabis comedies. With the popularity of such pictures as Cheech & Chong, Weeds, and Pineapple Express, stoner humor has gradually taken a place in our hearts. The Simpsons' Otto the bus driver also contributed to the popularization a lot.

Moreover, stoner humor today is popular not only in the stoner circles. Even people who do not use marijuana may crack a pretty good joke as well.

Best Weed Movies of All Time
Best Weed Movies of All Time
Today, stoner movies is a separate subgenre in cinematography. The image of cannabis culture differs from movie to movie—sometimes stoners are represented in a positive way, sometimes they are shown comically.

Besides, the Internet is full of cannabis. The most popular web forums and communities have a place for marijuana. YouTube is full of not only separate videos but also whole marijuana-related channels. You can find anything about pot on the Internet—from the history of the War on Drugs, to the scientific studies, to the step-by-step tutorials of how to roll a perfect joint.

Previously, the beginners relied on their stoner friends to pass the information. Now, everybody can browse the web and find everything they need.

The industry is growing as well. It simply cannot remain the same during the process of legalization. Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. It is worth 7.1 billion dollars. Many businessmen understand that cannabis is the industry of the future and expand their interests into pot.

The combination of all these factors proves that cannabis has really gone mainstream.

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