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How to Take the Most From Your High

The ongoing legalization of cannabis brings us many new options and opportunities. Now, when more and more states welcome legal weed to their lives, people have to educate themselves on the topic. Many of us want to find out what “high” actually is. To make the experience the most enjoyable, we prepared for you a few tips that would help you reach the best possible high.

Choosing the right strain, a method of consumption, and dosage is a crucial factor that determines whether your experience will be enjoyable or disastrous. As a new member of cannabis community, you will face many strange and intriguing aspects of the culture. For your first time to not be a failure, read our advice on how to select your first smoke.

To prepare for your first time, you will have to ask yourself and other people a few questions. Do not be shy—it is okay that you do not know some things about marijuana. People will be eager to help you and share their experience.

Expert Advice

If you have friends who are experts in weed, they are your best option. Talk with them or grab them and take with you to a local dispensary. You cannot be left alone in a situation like this.

However, they are not the only available choice—when buying weed, consult with a budtender. These people have more knowledge about the process and will lead you through the labyrinth of strains and technologies that appear every day. Professional budtenders are hired specifically to help you with the choice and personalization of your experience. The information they can give is more extensive that an hour of desperate Internet search. Just a few minutes of dialog are often more beneficial and meaningful.

Also, you have to ask yourself a few questions that will help you understand your needs.

There are several methods of cannabis consumption including smoking, vaporizing, and eating infused edibles. You will find more detailed information on this in the following article.

Determining the Best Way to Consume Cannabis
Determining the Best Way to Consume Cannabis
​There are many ways to consume cannabis. Every stoner has their own favorite method that they stick to. But is there any significant difference in them and the impact on the body and environment that they provide? Let us see what choices stoners have and what the benefits of each method are.

Choosing Right Method

First of all, you have to determine whether you are comfortable with smoking. If you have never smoked a cigarette and cannot stand the process, it is better for you to start with edibles.

Another thing that matters is your experience with marijuana and your tolerance level. If you are new to this, then you have to be careful with the dosage and start slowly. To take the most from your high, you do not have to smoke several joints or eat the whole package of cookies. In this case, “the more, the better” is not an option.

Besides, the method of consumption is also important. For example, dabbing is not recommended for the beginners; flowers and edibles are preferable for them.

If you are on a diet of some sorts, infused products may be a problem for you as the companies often use sweet ways of delivering the high—candies, cookies, brownies, etc.

Also, there are many methods of discrete consumption if you do not want your friends to know about your new hobby. Constant fear that somebody will see you can easily ruin your high.

Top 6 Discrete Ways to Consume Weed
Top 6 Discrete Ways to Consume Weed
In you prefer privacy while smoking your weed, you need to find ways to enjoy it discretely. The best way to hide your avocation is to use the right method of cannabis consumption along with right accessories.

Our last advice on how to take the most from your weed is to visit a head shop to find the necessary accessories. Experts at a head shop can also provide you with the information about the best delivery ways.

How to Find Quality Head Shop Near You?
How to Find Quality Head Shop Near You?
Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in many states of America, the cannabis market has come out of the shadow and begun to provide its consumers with quality weed products and accessories. Moreover, head shops that offer cannabis paraphernalia also continue to mature and compete for customers.
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