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How to Recognize a Responsible Stoner

Once you start smoking weed, regardless of your age, you will probably want to try everything you can and experiment with all the methods of consuming and all the strains you can find. This period may be compared to visiting a wonderful, magical world.

However, once the initial period of the fairytale is over, it becomes time to change some things in your behavior (if you have not done it yet) and become a more responsible stoner. If everything described in this article fits you, then congratulations, you can be proud of yourself―you are officially a truly responsible stoner!

A responsible stoner conserves their stash

One thing is sharing weed with your friends, but newbie users usually run out of their cannabis way too fast even though they are using it all by themselves. This happens because they want to hold on to this moment when the high is super-powerful, and like a little kid who wants chocolate again and again, they cannot stop until the stash is empty.

Once a newbie user is dankrupt, they start to resort to all kinds of other means including gathering cannabis particles off of the carpet and sofa or using vaporizer water.

A responsible user does not do it. They prefer to conserve the stash and pay attention to the quality of their high, not the quantity of marijuana. It may take a little of will power or a bit of understanding that money does not come for granted, but sooner or later, the skill of conserving cannabis will be mastered.

10 Rules of Smoking Marijuana
10 Rules of Smoking Marijuana
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A responsible stoner knows when to stop

This skill also comes with practice. It may be fun to listen to the stories how someone was baked when they came to a supermarket or working place, but it is not fun when, for instance, not someone else but you fail on a test or a job interview for the same reason.

It is essential to know when it is okay to smoke to get stoned and when you need to stop right after reaching the high effect.

Additionally, with practice, you will start to understand that smoking after you reach your limits is just wasting your weed. This comes hand in hand with learning to conserve your stash. If you already feel good, it would probably not be better if you keep on smoking and smoking. This is very similar to eating candies: a few candies are sweet, but after two or three packs of them, you feel bloated or even get sick. A responsible stoner consumes only the exact amount of weed that will guarantee amazing feelings, but not more.

Marijuana Etiquette: Learning How to Smoke Pot
Marijuana Etiquette: Learning How to Smoke Pot
One may think that pot smoking is just a regular thing that has no rules and limits. If you think so, you are either a newbie or a lonely smoker. An experienced stoner knows that pot smoking has its traditions and etiquette. So, let us shed light on this matter.

A responsible stoner can live on a budget

If you run out of money because you buy too much weed, then you should definitely take a look at your budget once again. Your main needs are food, rent, and bills, not weed. If you do not have enough money for a joint, then you will probably run out of food as well, and that is a real problem. Try to write down on a piece of paper how much you can spend on cannabis weekly/monthly and try to stick to the budget.

Apart from this, we bet you do not want to become one of those guys who always beg for another dose and promise to pay the next week. Once in awhile it may be okay, but if you do it all the time, you risk people not wanting to deal with you. Not to mention, you are risking to lose face in the eyes of your friends.

A responsible stoner knows how much money they have for marijuana and stick to this sum.

Stiletto Stoners: Cannabis and Modern Women
Stiletto Stoners: Cannabis and Modern Women
In 1989, in the wake of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 aimed at illegal drug users, High Times ran an advertisement from a group of activists known as Freedom Fighters asking readers to join their “cannabis reform movement.”

A responsible stoner does not make weed the center of the universe

It is easy to set the whole world aside and let yourself enjoy the benefits of cannabis. However, weed is not the only source of joy. There are plenty of other things that can make a person happy, and, no matter how badly you want to escape the responsibilities, you cannot discharge them all.

A responsible stoner knows that working, taking care of family, and other adult things should be priorities. Weed comes in handy when you need to relax or deal with some health problems, but it never substitutes the life itself. If your parents ask you to come by, and you want to stay at home and get baked, for God’s sake, just go outside and spend some time with the people you love. Your weed will wait for you patiently.

A responsible stoner cares about health

This includes a lot of things. Buying cheap weed may be convenient, but then you risk to get unwanted side effects that can throw you off your stride for several days. Not to mention the long-term effects: cheap weed often contains dangerous pesticides that can slowly poison your body.

It is also recommended to consume cannabis by vaping instead of smoking. This way, most of the dangerous compounds do not get into your body, and the hot particles do not burn your throat and lungs. If you want to get only the benefits of weed and avoid its dangerous side-effects, it is better to buy cannabis only from the trusted sellers and consume it via a vaporizer. At least, responsible stoners do it this way.

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A responsible stoner does not take unnecessary risks

Thinking of all the responsibilities, you should first of all remember about safety. If you have children in your house, make sure your stash is stored somewhere where they cannot reach it. Even if you live alone and in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, it is better not to tempt the fate and keep your stash locked and hidden.

If you are going to drive, it is better to resist the temptation to get high before the trip. Not that you can get arrested, which is not pleasant anyway, you can also get into an accident, and the consequences can be absolutely not pleasant. A responsible stoner knows that sometimes it is better to put a joint away and remain completely sober.

Being a responsible stoner is not difficult. It is pretty much the same as being a responsible adult. You do not need to rebel and prove something to others, you are the one who makes the decisions and who knows what you are doing and why. You can control how much weed you need and how much you consume, you do not panic that you are dankrupt, you enjoy every single puff you take, and you do not take it for granted.

Being a responsible stoner is about making your own choices. Be sure you are doing the right one.

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