Sep 4, 2016 9:35 AM

How to Make a True Stoner Cave

Once you start renovating your house or decorating a new place, a nice cozy stoner cave may turn into your favorite place where you will spend most of your time.

Whether you are going to stay there with your friends smoking and playing video games or sit there alongside your favorite bong while listening to the music you like or watching a favorite movie on Netflix, this kind of place requires your attention and special care to every detail. Make sure you are doing it right, think about all the little things and all the most important details.

Here you will find some ideas that will certainly give your cave a nice stoner look.

Buy a nice bong and a desktop vaporizer

In case for some reason you still do not vape, it is time to start. Not just because it is much healthier than usual smoking (in this case, hot particles do not burn your throat and lungs) but also because it is fun. And it is a must-have detail of every stoner cave. There is no certain type of vaporizer that is better than the other, it is only up to your taste. But be responsible when it comes to the choice; you will spend many hours in your cave, and it is better if every single detail makes you happy. Especially when it comes to such an important device as a vaporizer.

When it comes to a bong, it is probably impossible to find a stoner who still does not have one. However, make sure your device is ready to be used, and if you need to buy a new one, this is the proper time. Make your stoner room absolutely new and cozy.

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Have a stash box

A true stoner always has a stash stored somewhere in the house, and if you are going to put all your weed things in one room, it is logical to also bring the stash there. You can store it in an old tin box from cookies or tea, or you can buy a special stash box in a local dispensary. However, when it comes to the choice, online stores always have more variants to choose from.

Get ashtrays and bud trays

We bet you do not want to clean your room very often, so the solution to this problem is keeping the place clean. Therefore, you will need some ashtrays or even a special Kashtray that is designed for you to empty the bowl with ease.

You will also need some bud trays for rolling joints so that you do not need to sweep small particles off the table.

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Have cozy lighting

Here you can experiment with different light sources. We would recommend you to get a black light and one or two lava lamps. It is better to avoid candles. Though they can make any room nice and cozy, it is better not to risk causing a fire in your room. You may put Christmas lights up instead or any LED-light decoration that can change colors.

Put up wall decorations

The first thing that comes to my mind is posters. You can choose any posters you like, but to make your cave authentic, at least one of them should feature a pro-weed image. Choose something that is important to you or something that makes you feel good. If you are thinking of buying live plants, you had better not do it. In most cases, a stoner's cave is a dark place with cool artificial light, so do not subject your plant to such a slow and painful death. Instead, you can buy a fake cannabis plant and put it somewhere on the windowsill or in the corner.

If you are going to install a black light, make sure you also have some glowing stars or mushrooms on the walls. This will make your room so much more fun, and once you are baked, the glowing light will make a difference. You can place the stars any way you want: in a constellation, in a spiral, or in a random order here and there. These simple details can turn your room into a real psychedelic place.

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Organize a mini-kitchen

You do not have to do it if your kitchen is just next door, but speaking from many stoners' experience, it is better to have some mini-fridge and a box/bowl of food right in your cave. Once you start smoking, sooner or later you will get munchies, and that is when your mini-kitchen comes in handy. Be sure to load it with healthy food and the food you like the most.

You need a big screen

If you want to entertain yourself and your friends, buy a big TV. A giant TV! You can connect it to your PC or laptop so that your choice of what to watch is wider. Whether you are going to watch the old Star Trek series, classic cartoons, or scientific documentaries, it is always better to have the image huge. You can even buy a projector so that the whole wall turns into a screen (just remember to leave the wall white in this case).

If you are a gamer, then you probably have an XBox or a PlayStation. With a giant screen, playing games will be so much more fun!

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Get the best sound system ever

If you really like listening to music, it is the time to buy the sound system you always wanted. It is usually a purchase that serves you for a great number of years until it gets broken, so choose wisely. It has to be a sound system that will make your walls vibrate. Download all your favorite albums to make a long playlist on your PC and start your disco whenever you want. However, try not to turn the life of your neighbors into hell. If you know that you will play your music at maximum volume, maybe it is a good idea to spend some money on sound isolation for your room.

Get a cozy sofa

The size of the sitting area depends on whether you are going to use your cave alone or with your friends. If this room is going to be your secret spot where no one is allowed to enter, get a nice comfy recliner or put down a mattress with several cushions. If you want to make this room a comfortable place for meeting with your friends, you should make sure everyone will have a place to sit down. It can be a big couch, a few puff sofas, or several mattresses on the floor.

Use an air purifier

You can always rely on the fresh air from outside, but then you risk getting the attention from your neighbors and everyone who is passing by. Even if you live in a private house, some of your friends or relatives might not be as enthusiastic about the weed smell as you are. For these situations, it is better to use an air purifier.

You may not be able to get all those things at once, but once you have a general idea of what should be in your room, it will be easier. After you turn your room into an ultimate stoner cave, you might want to spend all of your time there!

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