Nov 3, 2016 12:30 PM

How Does Weed Influence Our Intimate Life?

After years of cannabis research, there are still debates on the question of the plant's influence on our sex drive. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is no consistency in marijuana's impact on our intimate life. Some people say that it makes the drive crazy, others report the lack of it. To explore the issue a little deeper, let us look at the opinions of experts.

According to Andrew Mieure, a certified cannabis sommelier and a man who has been in the field for years, the impact may differ depending on the strain of weed you use. Thus, the plant's compounds—THC and CBD—have different effects on our bodies.

Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
There are some marijuana effects that are rarely mentioned. One of them is the arousing property of weed. In case you did not know this fact, smoking cannabis can make your intimate life better and more diverse.

CBD, for example, is less euphoric and does not provide a drastic enough mental change to affect performance. CBD is better as a post-intercourse recovery tool or as a mean to lessen anxiety before sex.

During the intimacy, THC plays a great role because it provides a strong mental shift. It may help you loosen up before sex or intensify the physical sensations. Thus, you need products higher in THC if you want to influence the actual intercourse.

All in all, the effects of marijuana on your intimate life depend on the combination of cannabinoids. If you consume too much THC, you might be a mess. That is why the mixture of euphoria and relaxation is the perfect recipe for a great sex stimulant. The right balance can even help you with erectile difficulties that may be caused by anxiety.

Of course, there are other compounds in cannabis that influence your performance. Terpenes, for example, also play a major role in tailoring the high you get. Different terpenes cause different reactions. All skunky and earthy terpenes make you relaxed. Nutty and flowery terpenes make you calm and focused without knocking you out. Citrus terpenes make you active, enhance alertness and visual stimuli. All these aspects of the high influence sex.

However, not only flowers and oils can be used to alter your sex life. Edibles are a great option as well. Micro-dosing will be perfect for your shenanigans. With this method of consumption, weed affects you slowly and has little risks of leading to unpleasant effects. Just add 3 mg of THC to evoke the mental shift. Besides, consuming edibles before the activity provides a perfect chance for a romantic dinner with your significant other. Serve a cannabis-infused dessert, light candles, and enjoy the evening. There are many recipes for delicious treats. For example, look at this magnificent infused tiramisu.

Recipe: Homemade Marijuana-Infused Tiramisu
Recipe: Homemade Marijuana-Infused Tiramisu
Tiramisu is an incredible Italian dessert that can be easily infused with cannabis. That is why we do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to teach you how to make unforgettable marijuana-infused tiramisu at home!

Or you can prepare a regular dinner and serve cannabis-infused wine that you can already order online. The marijuana will ease your anxiety, and the alcohol will loosen you up.

Have You Already Tried Cannabis-Infused Wine?
Have You Already Tried Cannabis-Infused Wine?
Did you know that marijuana’s herbal acidity works amazingly well with a glass of wine? Just pair Sour Diesel or Granddaddy Purple with some pinot noir and enjoy the wonderful flavor combination! Moreover, many famous producers of cannabis-infused beverages have already combined these two for you.

As you can see, there are many factors that can influence the effect cannabis has on your sex life. To find the right strain, do not be shy—consult an experienced budtender.

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