Apr 6, 2017 12:50 PM

Grow House Movie With Snoop Dogg Will Make Your 4/20 Day

Do you know what you will do on April 20, 2017? True marijuana stoners will visit the theaters to celebrate this day with Snoop Dogg and other actors who are starring in the Grow House movie produced by Hollyweed Films. This hilarious and fast-moving comedy directed by Mark “DJ Pooh” Jordan will make your 4/20 day unforgettable.

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Stoned and Funny: Best Cannabis Comedians Ever
Stoned and Funny: Best Cannabis Comedians Ever
Stoned stand-up comedians can be either hilarious or ridiculous. This article is dedicated to all those people who can make you laugh even harder than usual when they smoke weed before going on stage.

In the film, Darius (Lil Duval) and Pat (DeRay Davis) are two marijuana stoners who will show you that money does grow on trees—pot trees. Or perhaps, it will turn out to be not as easy as they expected.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are sprouting in California and other American states like mushrooms after the summer rain. Marijuana growers keep hitting the jackpot, and two friends also decide to make money on pot cultivation. But do they really know how to grow marijuana? Though they think that it is as easy as smoking a pipe, the reality proves otherwise.

Stand-Up Comedians Who Cannot Hold Their Weed
Stand-Up Comedians Who Cannot Hold Their Weed
The recent cannabis gossip mostly circulates around the unfortunate accidents that involve stand-up comedians overindulging in marijuana. It seems that cannabis educational campaigns have to include a new topic in their program—being careful with weed before going on stage.

After receiving certificates for growing marijuana from “Dr. Doobie” (Malcolm McDowell), two friends rent a Bel Air mansion that they are planning to turn into a “grow house.” After looking through their 10-step guide, Darius and Pat decide to start by finding money for pot seeds. Thus, they reach out to Snoop Dogg, who is well-known for his investments into the marijuana industry. Of course, as you might guess, Snoop Dogg gives them money. However, it seems like he will never see his investment again. Our heroes soon discover that they are doing something wrong, and their operation is under the threat of failure.

The movie is promised to be extremely funny and unpredictable. It has a great cast that also includes Martin Starr, Faizon Love, and Lin Shaye. FredWhreck produced a cool soundtrack “The Bong Song,” which is already available on Priority Records. Hopefully, the Grow House movie will make your 4/20 day special this year.

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