Nov 24, 2016 12:10 PM

Former Fox 2 News Anchor Joins New Marijuana Politics

When news anchors end their mass media career, some take the much-desired retirement while others prefer going into politics, starting a business or landing a professor job at some college. Not Q. She put the viewers in deep shock when left for something that a few years ago would have led to major mass media mocking. Anqunette Jamison was a famous morning news anchor on Fox 2 Detroit also known as Q. She left her prestigious job on Oct. 31 to become a volunteer to serve the matter of marijuana legalization.

Jamison did this at the best time for marijuana legalization advocates. Everyone can see that the issue of marijuana legalization has become serious across the political spectrum. More than that, the former news anchor did so at the most challenging time for her personality. Jamison said that she understood all the reservations about what she did, but she felt that the residents of all the states had been misinformed about marijuana and its influence on people. The example of how the attitudes can change are her friends who have become supportive, especially after Jamison told them she retired because of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which she was trying to treat with medical marijuana.

The woman was expecting spiteful opinions about her marijuana consumption. Although Jamison is a patient with a special card that legally allows her to purchase and use medical marijuana in Michigan, she wants the government to make marijuana legal in all states of America. Jamison has recently joined a Lansing-based group that aims to give the residents of Michigan a chance to vote for full marijuana legalization. Jamison is the leading spokeswoman for that group, by the way. The group is planning to relaunch the petition in April 2017, and Jamison will surely take a big role in their fresh campaign. The woman assures that the symptoms of her medical condition will not stop her from speaking out for cannabis legalization.

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