Aug 9, 2016 9:30 AM

Five Reasons Why Cannabis Users Should Join Pokémon Go

Just two years ago, no one would even imagine that they would get crazy over Pokémon. C'mon, those times are over, we are adults now! But Pokémon Go has quickly conquered the hearts of people of all ages. Moreover, this ingenious game found a new way to make people more active than ever.

In case you have been living on another planter, Pokémon Go is a new mobile phone application that interacts with virtual reality via your smartphone. Anyone who installs the game can become a real Pokémon master! And what is really great is that you can play this game not just on your own or with invisible virtual friends; this game pushes you to go out of your home and literally explore your city.

They say Pokémon Go gets more active users per day than Tinder or Twitter. The target group of this game is simply everyone. And cannabis users are also among the players. Even though there is nothing about cannabis in this game, there are at least five reasons why a marijuana lover should try their luck in it.

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Young at heart

While it is pretty much obvious why Pokémon Go is popular among children, the reason why adults feel a strong connection to the game can also be explained. Those who are in their 30s now were just school students when the first Pokémon appeared. At that time, it was in the form of popular television shows, Gameboy games, and trading cards. Funny little creatures are now strongly associated with those “good old times,” when the green was greener, the sky was blue, there were no taxes to pay, no work to go to, no stress to manage.

In a way, the success Pokémon Go got today is not just the achievement of the app creators; the Pokémon kingdom has been building its huge army of fans for dozens of years. And is it not great to feel like a child for a while, to chase little monsters that can be seen only by the chosen ones (and you are among them), and to worry only about simple rules and funny tasks?

Pokémon Go appeals to our inner child, helps us forget about stress and worries. And if you combine it with weed, you get a jackpot! Best anti-stress remedy ever!

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Explore your area

What is really great about Pokémon Go is that this game is not only funny, it is also educational. At least, it makes you explore your own city and find all the lanes and alleys that you would otherwise probably never have visited.

Some players confess that chasing Pokémon pushed them to find shorter ways they have never suspected to exist. This mostly refers to big city citizens, but those who live in smaller towns also have their stories to tell.

New smoke spots

This reason goes hand in hand with the previous one. You probably have some lovely places where you are a frequent guest, but this game gives you an opportunity to find more nooks that you might like as well.

However, Pokémon Go can be the reason why you will have to find a new place. Some stoners complain that the game turned their peaceful, quiet smoke places into busy spots, spoiling the whole pleasure of staying there for long. It is enough for a rare Pokémon to appear somewhere nearby, and you cannot count on being alone anymore.

So, while some are complaining, others are immersing into a new adventure and think about the advantage of finding new smoke spots as a side-task of the game. It is up to you to decide which army you will join.

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New friends

Apart from finding new smoke spots, you can also find new friends. Let us face the truth, it is not so easy to make friends nowadays. Pokémon Go may seem to disconnect people because they look into their smartphones all the time, but in fact, it does the opposite―now people have common topics to talk about, and it has become easier to start a conversation with an unknown person.

You can find new people near a local Pokéstop or at the special Pokémon Go gatherings, like it was, for instance, in San Francisco, where more than 9,000 people walked along the streets. If you are gathering in cannabis-friendly states, you get a chance to spot someone's smoking in the crowd, and that can be already a nice chance to start a conversation.

Pokémon Go stimulates people to go outside their houses and interact with people in the real world instead of chatting on forums. And who knows, maybe this game can bring some incredibly interesting people into your life.

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Getting more active

This is one of the best “side-effects” of Pokémon Go: once you start playing, you get more active. Instead of spending time in front of the TV or on Facebook, sitting on your butt, you go outside and walk to find your next Pokémon or Pokéstop. Sometimes, people cannot find a reason why they should need to do something different and leave their comfortable sofas, and Pokémon Go provides this “kick in the ass.”

So, if your plans were to relax at home smoking a joint and doing pretty much nothing, you can now go outside and have your sesh on the go while chasing Pokémon, finding new smoking spots, and meeting new people.

So, download the app if you have not done so yet, go outside, and hit the town!

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