Dec 7, 2016 9:05 AM

First Cannabis Church Stays Optimistic About Legalization

The First Cannabis Church members had an ambiguous reaction to the election results concerning marijuana legalization. It is not a secret that there was a general sense of fear all around the country about the Republican’s romp, with one man writing on the Facebook page of the Church that its members probably need to get stoned to manage the next couple of years.

However, there were also many supporters of the states that legalized marijuana this November. Eight of nine states abolished marijuana prohibition. The Church opened in Indianapolis in July 2015. Today the cannaterians, as the church members call themselves, think that there is still hope for legal consumption of recreational marijuana. The creator and Grand Poobah of the church, Bill Levin, says that the citizens of the state will never use recreational marijuana with no fear of being arrested unless the whole world goes for legalizing it. In the court, the Cannabis Church argued that cannabis was something sacred for the church members as it helped them get closer to each other and God. For cannaterians, marijuana is a source of love and health; it is a cure for depression and illnesses.

In August 2016, the national American Legion passed a resolution calling on Congress to reclassify cannabis as a substance with medical benefits. It is a positive sign for marijuana advocates as the support of this organization means a lot in the world of politics.

For now, the Cannabis Church has decided not to use marijuana under the threat of being arrested by the city leaders. Meanwhile, until November 2017, there will be legal wrangling on this matter as the sincerity of Levin’s religious beliefs and the clear understanding of “sacrament” will be questioned.

The Cannabis Church is suing not for the recreational use of marijuana for but the sacramental one. Levin, the leader of the church, is also sueing the former IMPD chief Rick Hite for ungrounded defamation. Despite the conservative nature of the state, Levin is a faithful advocate of Indiana. He once confessed the best cannabis he had ever used was cultivated here. Levin also shared that he enjoyed the legal battle between the Church and marijuana opponents.

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