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Famous Historical Figures And Celebrities Who Used Marijuana

Marijuana use has a long history dating back to the ancient times. There are famous countries and states that have recognized the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes such as India, Jamaica and some states in the US. Furthermore, there are some considerable historical figures and cultures that have significantly contributed to the chronological development of the cannabis usage. Here is a list of some of the historic icons that have made major contributions to the world of marijuana:

Jennifer Aniston

The TV and film personality revealed in a 2001 interview how she smoked weed together with her husband Brad Pitt and wonders why some people make it a big deal. In the 1990s most famous celebrities were using hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. According to Aniston, there is nothing wrong with marijuana as long as one takes it in moderation.

Willie Nelson

He’s a legend and marijuana advocate who has supported legalization of marijuana for several years, preaching about the benefits of smoking the herb. Nelson has publicly praised marijuana as his hot temper mechanism, comparing it to a motorboat that needs oil to cool down the engine. He uses weed to make things easier in his life. With continuous legalization emerging all over the US, Willie is busy branding himself as the weed hero.

Whoopi Goldberg

A co-host of The View, Whoopi Golberg has been an active advocate of medical marijuana. She treats her glaucoma using the weed and has made testimonies of how beneficial the medical cannabis is in treating chronic disorders. According to her, the weed tinctures, edibles, creams, and bath soaks incredibly help with inflammation, joint pain, anxiety, period pain and much more.

Justin Timberlake

An actor, musician and former band star, Justin Timberlake disclosed in the Playboy Magazine in 2011 that he undeniably smokes weed. He stated that sometimes his brain needs to be turned off. Smoking weed helps one to be creative and Justin openly revealed that smoking pot has helped him in writing songs. Other celebrities in that line include Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Sting, among others.

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