Oct 3, 2016 9:15 AM

Evolution of Cannabis Culture: From Ancient Greeks to Modern Apps

The cannabis culture has gone a long way to becoming what it is right now—mainstream. Cannabis has developed from being mostly associated with the Rastafarian culture to turning into the main topic of TV shows. Today, pot is something mass and popular. Today, every one of us deems it necessary to talk about weed.

The first wave of marijuana's fame dates back to the ancient times. At the dawn of its popularity, the plant was used for medical purposes or as a mean of relaxation in hot baths by Greeks. The plant was not grown for commercial purposes. Instead, it was used as something sacred.

The next step of the cannabis culture's evolution was made by the Rastafarians who added the symbolic nature to the use of the plant. Marijuana was again used as something sacred that helped people reach the ultimate understanding. During those times, cannabis was a drug of a small community. Many people shied away from the herb and considered it inappropriate to use marijuana for any purposes.

The anti-cannabis propaganda was a major hit on the marijuana culture. More and more people placed cannabis in the same category as hard drugs. The period created many negative cannabis stereotypes that cloud our minds even now.

The history of cannabis development can now be seen in weed museums that you can find all around the world.

Explore Marijuana History and Culture at These Cannabis Museums
Explore Marijuana History and Culture at These Cannabis Museums
A museum is probably the best place to explore both history and culture of various countries, nations, or even phenomena. Cannabis is not an exception to the rule, although there is not as many marijuana-themed museums and exhibitions. Weed in Focus will tell you about the five most interesting cannabis museums you can visit to learn more about your favorite plant.

Fortunately, today the status of cannabis is changing. About half of the U.S. states already recognize the medical benefits of the plant, and many of them are considering the option of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. It is hard to despise cannabis when the studies and activists point out the obvious usefulness of the plant.

There are dozens of celebrities who support the use of the plant and contribute to the development of the culture. A large number of spheres are dealing with the marijuana issue today. The media touches upon the matter all the time.

As for the entertainment sphere, about a decade ago, TV only knew a few weed comedies that often garbled the image of stoners and the culture in general. Despite their inconsistencies, those comedies are a great mean of entertainment. If you want to relax and laugh at the adventures of stoners, you should watch the classics of weed movies.

Best Weed Movies of All Time
Best Weed Movies of All Time
Today, stoner movies is a separate subgenre in cinematography. The image of cannabis culture differs from movie to movie—sometimes stoners are represented in a positive way, sometimes they are shown comically.

However, numerous new weed TV shows are expected to appear in the near future. And let us assure you, they are very promising. The genres of the new shows are not limited by comedies but also include criminal dramas, biographies, etc. Cannabis is taken seriously now—more so than ever.

4 Upcoming Series That Will Change Cannabis Representation on TV
4 Upcoming Series That Will Change Cannabis Representation on TV
As people who are deeply devoted to cannabis, we all have watched dozens of “marijuana-infused” comedies. All of them are special and interesting in their own way. However, the industry is reaching new heights and cannot stop on classic cannabis comedies.

YouTube bloggers are supporting the marijuana trend as well. More and more channels about weed are created. It is no surprise that those channels have millions of followers. They dwell on different aspects of pot consumption and share with us the truth about weed.

The content of some of them takes cannabis to the next level. For example, a recently created channel “Loaded Up Entertainment” has some of the best cannabis-related content. It is set on destroying the worst stereotypes about the plant and providing its viewers with an unlimited amount of entertainment.

YouTube on Weed: Best Bloggers
YouTube on Weed: Best Bloggers
One of the most important goals of the cannabis community right now is to be perceived positively. What can advertise marijuana movement better than promoting the plant's use on the most popular Internet services that are viewed by millions of people every day?

Even the developers of mobile apps are turning to weed. Combining marijuana with the most important item of everyday life—a mobile phone—is an idea that will bring huge profits to companies. If you want to meet other stoners in your area, you can use a special app. If you are hit by the wave of creativity after smoking marijuana, just open the app and use your inspiration to create something. The mobile marijuana-friendly communities are even ready to create a perfect dating profile for you and help you find your perfect “weed-mate.”

6 Most Entertaining Apps for Cannabis Users
6 Most Entertaining Apps for Cannabis Users
These days, it seems that there is a smartphone application for anything you can imagine. Of course, various cannabis-related activities are not an exception. If you want to spend your high time in a more interesting way, here is a list of the most entertaining applications for marijuana users.

But cannabis has not stopped on TV and apps. The culture is attracting more and more celebrities who get involved in the industry. These people promote the plant launching special campaigns, organizing marijuana concerts, and creating new brands of marijuana products.

Die Antwoord Launches Their Own Line of Cannabis Products
Die Antwoord Launches Their Own Line of Cannabis Products
South African rave-rap duo Die Antwoord has announced the launching of their own cannabis product line.

Every now and then, you may hear about cannabis-themed events, dinners, and even weddings. The plant has invaded every aspect of our life. The cannabis culture is so diverse and creative that you cannot know what to expect from it next.

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