Oct 31, 2016 12:05 PM

Elementary School in Alaska Apologizes for Anti-Marijuana Message

The Campbell Elementary School, situated in Anchorage Alaska, has published an official apology for sending a phone message that urged the parents of their students to oppose marijuana retail stores at the upcoming assembly meeting.

According to the official sources, the agitating message was sent to 464 phone numbers on Monday evening, Oct. 17, 2016. Heidi Embley, the Anchorage School District Spokesperson, released a statement that explained the incident. She said that what happened on Monday was not a situation that should have happened or would take place again in future. The person responsible for what has happened is Michelle Johansen, the elementary school’s principal. She approved the text of the message and signed off on sending them.

The text of the message contained the information about illegal and unacceptable activity of the local cannabis retail store. If to be more exact, the message told parents that the marijuana store had quietly passed without any public input at the latest assembly meeting. More than that, according to Alaska Dispatch News, the message asked parents to gather to oppose a marijuana dispensary that was about to open nearby. The message was trying to assure parents in the danger of the drug store as it was going to be located too close to their homes and the school their children were going to. It was planned to attract as many adult members of the community as possible to make an impressive appearance at the municipal assembly meeting on Oct. 18 and to show who would suffer from the dispensary—the children.

Johansen confessed that she had discussed the contents of the message with another employee, but in fact, she did not see the final variant of the text. Embley also noted that the phone messages were used strictly in the cases when important information had to be conveyed directly to the parents.

The second message was sent out in the form of an apology from Johansen to every parent.

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