Sep 5, 2016 9:25 AM

Do You Need to Smoke More Pot?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pot smoker, there can be a great variety of reasons for you to smoke more. Below is the list of indications you should increase your marijuana consumption.

1. You Are Searching for New Hobby

If you have a lot of free time for trying something new, just smoke a little bit more weed. We do not mean that marijuana should be your hobby, but it can easily boost your creativity. Need more inspiration? Cannabis may help.

2. Rough Patch in Your Life

Depression and stress are the most popular reasons to increase cannabis intake. Smoking pot allows you to relax and take a look at your problems from a new perspective, sometimes giving you the motivation to change and move on.

3. You Have Not Won Medals at the Olympics

It is worth mentioning that all Olympic weed smokers have received gold medals. Do you want to improve your sports results? Try to smoke more cannabis, maybe it will help you.

4. Marijuana Makes You Happier

If pot elevates your mood, or helps you recover after hard workouts, or just makes you happier, it is a great idea to raise your weed consumption. Cannabis does something special to each of us!

5. Trouble Sleeping

If you have some problems with falling asleep, just have one more joint before going to bed. However, be sure that you are smoking indica strains.

6. You Have Too Much Pot

But if you often find yourself surrounded by cannabis, it means you are not consuming enough. Do not waste weed, use it more often!

7. You Are Trying to Quit

There is almost no good reason to quit smoking pot unless you are preparing to have a drug test. So, smoke a joint and relax.

8. Help the Cannabis Industry

If you buy more marijuana, you help stimulate the pot economy. High demand usually increases the supply, which might help bring the prices down.

As far as we can see, the reasons for smoking more are endless. Stay healthy and keep smoking weed!
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