Aug 4, 2017 12:35 PM

Do Not Be a Stereotypical Stoner

During the last decade, the marijuana culture has come a long way. From an underground world, it has risen to colossal popularity. The crucial change that is pushing cannabis forward is defying stereotypes.

There are still many misconceptions about weed even today when numerous states have already legalized this herb. Many of them show stoners in a bad light. However, people are starting to perceive cannabis users not as blurry-eyed couch potatoes but as successful people who can enjoy life and know what they want. Cannabis has entered pop culture, business, entertainment, and many other important spheres of our life. However, we still have to prove that weed deserves a decent place in the modern society. So, here is a list of things you can do in order to destroy all the prejudice that still exists.

Become Successful

The most common misconception about stoners is that they are directionless losers who waste their life doing marijuana. It may be true for some people, but weed has nothing to do with it. Stoners often use their creative perspective to take a fresh look at their life. They use the energy supplied by weed for accomplishing anything they set their mind to.

Do not be afraid to plan a glorious future for yourself—weed will provide you with imagination and courage. Plan your career ahead, and you will see that when you have a goal, nothing can stop you. Cannabis, in its turn, will help you deal with stress, anxiety, and tension.

Be Active

Not all stoners are lazy couch potatoes. In fact, most stoners are not lazy at all. Defying this stereotype should be your priority due to the numerous popular stoner comedies that have done everything to encourage this misconception.

Hit Series Cannabis Moms Club Changes Smoking Female Stereotypes
Hit Series Cannabis Moms Club Changes Smoking Female Stereotypes
Cannabis Moms Club is a new web show launched by Elizabeth Benk's comedy platform. You can watch it at the website WhoHaha—a place where women can have fun and dive into the world of female comedy. The creator of this project is a production company, Quite Duke.

Weed enthusiasts can certainly lie on a couch for several hours while stoned. However, they do it for relaxation and to get rid of daily stress.

There are many activities that go great with cannabis. The herb is not an obstacle for sport. On the contrary, it enhances your performance and improves your state after the workout. Besides, how can people think that stoners are not active when even athletes admit to using cannabis in their training?

Best Workout for When You Are Stoned
Best Workout for When You Are Stoned
Sport is a necessary activity for everyone, and stoners are not an exception. Today, we can shop, hang out with friends, study, and work all while just sitting at home. This is why we all need fitness exercises and gyms to remain healthy.

Another way to prove to the society that you are an active citizen is to participate in fun activities with your friends. Go to a restaurant, art exhibition, cinema, or to the park.

Get Brainy

Take part in destroying the stereotype of a slow and clueless stoner! Feed your brain and impress your friends with your intelligence. People never stop learning because there will always be things that we do not understand. However, loading your brain with sheer facts is not the best way to become smart. Train your brain with intellectual games, read books to improve your language skills and imagination, listen to various educational videos on the Internet. In time, you will see that you strive for knowledge and cannot live a day without learning something new. To add a little bit of cannabis atmosphere to the process, use an Einstein-style pipe.

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Effects of Marijuana on Brain: No Harm to Your Intelligence
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