Sep 2, 2016 9:40 AM

Die Antwoord Launches Their Own Line of Cannabis Products

South African rave-rap duo Die Antwoord has announced the launching of their own cannabis product line.

Die Antwoord have partnered with Natural Cannabis, the largest Californa-based supplier of medicinal marijuana products, for creating a new dagga brand called Zef Zol. The product line will feature vapes, vape pen refills, marijuana candy and chocolate edibles, lip balms, mouth sprays, and flowers with several unique flavors. Zef Zol line will soon be available at weed shops across California, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and other states where marijuana has been legalized. More products, including pure gold blunt wraps, are expected to be released in the near future.

The flavors of cannabis are said to be as bold and satisfying as Die Antwoord's music. All is within the law, although the group's status of rebels is going to be enhanced.

However, this is not the only news announced by Yolandi Visser and Ninja. The duo has a new project that comes on the heels of their recent single “Banana Brain,” along with the release of their fourth studio album Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid. The announcement of the new weed line seems to have been intentionally paired with the Die Antwoord's last single “We Have Candy.” So, technically, they really have their own weed candy.

Since the band was created in 2008 in Cape Town, it has gathered a huge army of followers over the past eight years thanks to its unique, subversive, ironical style and sexuality of the members. Many believe that the history of Africa can be described with three points: Nelson Mandela, the film District 9, and Die Antwoord.

The style of the duo originates from a South African counter-culture movement known as “zef.” Zef is an Afrikaans slang term that loosely translates to the American equivalent of “redneck.” According to Yolandi Visser, “it is associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and shit.” Zef is about being poor but fancy, being poor but sexy, being poor but having a style. That is where the name for their line—Zef Zol—came from. The term “zol” supposedly means “joint.”

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