Nov 1, 2016 12:05 PM

Creator of “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” Supports Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

You probably remember the iconic video filmed by John Roselius for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Despite the fact it was almost 30 years ago, the actor is still recognized as the “Egg Guy.” By the way, this man is voting “yes” on the ballot measure legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in California.

According to Rooster Magazine, Roselius is 100% supportive of the marijuana legalization. When the actor was asked to explain such an attitude, the answer was simple and obvious: cannabis is ten times healthier that alcohol, and the violence from its consumption is 99% down from alcohol and other harmful substances, like heroin, methamphetamine, and LSD.

No one could even imagine that the most recognizable voice against marijuana abuse would speak in its favor and support recreational pot users. It is a sign of the rapidly changing attitudes toward marijuana and other substances in America, where more than 61 percent of the population supports cannabis legalization. However, in August, the federal government decided to confirm the status of marijuana as a Schedule I drug with no currently proved and accepted medical use. By the way, this type of drug classification is the most dangerous one.

Some marijuana enthusiasts are interested in how marijuana can affect the brain. If you are one of them, then you should know that marijuana contains at least 60 cannabinoids, which have absolutely different effects on the brain and body. THC, for instance, is responsible for getting you high, while anandamide regulates our memory, mood, and appetite.

Ironically, Roselius confessed that he had been struggling with alcoholism for a long time when the famous anti-marijuana advertising was recorded. To prove the safeness of marijuana, the actor shares an example of his experience smoking weed and listening to a stereo. Roselius says he suddenly thought that he was the drum, and that made him incredibly happy. He ensures that a person that feels that way would never go and punch someone in the face or engage in any other kind of violence.

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