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Coolest Cannabis-Themed Vehicles

Cannabis-themed vehicles have existed in America since Henry Ford's introduction of a car grown from the soil. There are many vehicles nowadays that can compete for the title of the most unusual and impressive cannabis machine.

Image credit: Renew Sports Cars

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NASCAR Makes Driver Remove Weed Sponsor’s Logo
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The Green Machine

One of the important innovations of the cannabis world is the so-called Green Machine. Approximately 100 pounds of hemp fiber was used in its manufacture. The surface of the car is dent-resistant and lighter than steel. The developer of this machine is Bruce Dietzen, the president of Renew Sports Cars. He was inspired by the experiments of Henry Ford who suggested using hemp as not only material but also fuel for cars about 70 years ago.

This stylish sports car runs on biofuel meaning that it has a lower carbon footprint than cars powered by electricity. The hemp fibers are covered in resin, which creates a plastic-like surface. We are eagerly waiting for the times when our streets will be filled with these cars.

Harold and Kumar's Cheetah

The most unexpected and dope vehicle on our list is an actual cheetah. You will probably never experience the magnificence of riding the fastest animal on the planet like Harold and Kumar did. We cannot even imagine the amount of weed you have to consume to tame a cheetah. Without a doubt, such a thing is possible only in a movie, but just imagine how cool it would be in real life.

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Ford Hemp Car

Though not as impressive as a cheetah, Henry Ford's hemp car signified the beginning of cannabis-themed vehicles. While there is no evidence to the fact that this car was made entirely from hemp, it is mentioned whenever people talk about the notable cars of the cannabis world. The idea was that the crops would be used to produce the necessary materials for the bioplastic body of the vehicle. Moreover, it would run on vegetable and seed oils. Back in the 1940s, this concept was even more innovative than it is now.

Aspen Tour Bus

Cannabis tours are not a rarity anymore. However, this option makes the experience even more impressive. America's most luxurious ski town launched a marijuana-friendly bus for its customers in February this year. The vehicle is colorful both inside and outside.

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The Further Bus

Further is a Harvester school bus that was bought in 1939 by author Ken Kesey. He brought along a group of friends and filmed their adventures on the vehicle to create a road movie. The original yellow school bus was painted with a variety of psychedelic designs. This trip was full of drugs. It is reported that the bus contained a shoebox of pre-rolled joints, psychedelic drug LSD, and 500 Benzedrine pills.

However, this bus was not the only drug-inspired vehicle created by Kesey. In 1990, he purchased a second vehicle and created another Further. In 2005, these two machines reunited in a warehouse at Kesey's farm.

This is our list of the coolest marijuana vehicles—both historical and fictional.

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