Jul 6, 2016 9:20 AM

Cannabis Wedding Industry Is Rising

The days when weddings had to strictly follow traditions are gone. Today, an Elvis lookalike can declare you husband and wife; the bride can wear a dress of any color (even a black one), and so on. There are lots of different ways to organize nontraditional weddings, though most of them do not involve cannabis. Luckily, some of them do.

Cannabis-themed wedding does not necessarily mean that you have bongs instead of dinner meals and marijuana labels around the celebration area. We are talking about smarter and more elegant way of using cannabis during this important event.

It could be an attractive wedding bouquet with cannabis plant centerpieces. It looks nice, it smells nice, and after the wedding guests can pick some weed off and smoke it. It may look like a slightly mischievous idea, but why not?

The slow but steady process of marijuana legalization makes cannabis more and more socially accepted. A dozen years ago, cannabis weddings were almost completely impossible; now they are on the rise. No need for guests to hide and smoke in secret; weed now can be an integral part of the festivities along with champagne and other similar things.

More than just weed

For Rachael Carlevale and her future husband, Mathieu Davenport, cannabis means much more than just fun. Five years ago, Carlevale was fighting for her life, spending most of her time in a hospital, being fed intravenously, having no energy to do anything but lay in bed. To help her fight a uterine tumor, doctors recommended an emergency hysterectomy, but Carlevale opted for an alternative therapy.

Carlevale believes that it is cannabis that played a significant role in her healing process as her tumor shrank over 20 millimeters since the beginning of a CBD treatment.

Because of his girlfriend needs, Davenport had to begin cultivating cannabis to create clean and safe medicine. Most weed they bought from the other growers contained pesticides and fungicides that are believed to cause cancer. For Carlevale, it was important to obtain a one hundred percent organic medicine with no harmful particles.

Now, Davenport runs his own business, Permalos Cannabis Consulting, in order to consult other cannabis growers to use the no-till method and other permaculture principles.

This is why for Carlevale and Davenport having cannabis wedding is important. And that is why they were chosen as winners in a contest organized by Love and Marij. This website believes that “cannabis is the new champagne,” so they offer all kinds of products and services for organizing cannabis-friendly weddings.

The couple will have their wedding on August 27, 2016, in Steamboat Springs. The ceremony will be organized by Love and Marij with some assistance from other cannabis-friendly companies that were taking part in the contest.

Carlevale said that she was really happy and honored to win this wedding contest, as it was very important for her to show people the other point of view on cannabis.

Collaboration of services

Cultivating Spirits is a consulting company that helps wedding couples with event planning, especially when it comes to figuring out the obscure details of the law. This service can come in handy to people unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Colorado laws.

Because cannabis weddings are not yet mainstream, it may be difficult to understand how to organize such an event. That is where the companies like Cultivating Spirits come in: they can guide people through the legalities, plus, they also can help the couple make their cannabis wedding more fun. If you do not know how to bring this theme to your parents or grandparent, the company can give you some ideas to make sure that the event will go smoothly.

Last summer, Philip Wolf, the founder of the Cultivating Spirits, combined his services with Distinctive Mountain Events, a company run by Elizabeth Waldmann and Johnna Patton. Wolf is a cannabis expert, while Waldmann and Patton are wedding experts, so together they can create a really magical event for anyone. So it comes as no surprise that they will arrange the wedding of Carlevale and Davenport as well.

Two years ago, Distinctive Mountain Events organized a cannabis-themed wedding for the first time. The couple had the cannabis bar, and they decided to have a separate tent for guests who want to smoke weed.

“It was done so well,” Waldmann said. She admitted that there are always some unexpected problems during the wedding, but the cannabis side of the event went without a single difficulty.

At that moment, Waldmann and Patton realized the great potential of this type of industry, but the advertising issue was not really clear to them. They were afraid that mentioning cannabis may change the attitude of other couples, after all, not everyone is supporting cannabis. This is where Wolf took to the stage.

Details are important

The first thing that should be discussed with the couple is to what extent they want to use cannabis during the event. Couples rarely think about the legalities, but this is what should be done before doing anything else. For instance, to have no problems with the law, you have to have your wedding on private property, and the whole event should be private as well. You cannot ask guests to pay for cannabis during the event. You should think about age verification and check that any person who that consumes will be then transferred to their lodging as they are not allowed to drive.

It is also important to find out how the guests will react to the themed wedding. Moreover, the company needs to find out whether everyone who is taking part in organizing the event, up to the hairdresser and catering service, is cannabis-friendly.

Just like choosing the drinks for the wedding, the couple should also choose the right strain and other cannabis products. They also may choose a budtender to assist in a bud bar. All these little things are, in fact, not so little and are very important.

Rising popularity of the industry

Back in January 2016, the Cannabis Wedding Expo gathered different companies that provide 420-friendly products and services. Bec Koop, the owner of Cannabis Concierge Event, also helped organize the event.

Koop believes that this industry has a great future. She thinks that most people just do not yet know that they can incorporate cannabis into their wedding. It is important to let them know that this is possible. So far, not many couples have decided to have a cannabis-themed wedding. Last year, the companies had organized only one cannabis wedding but this year they are managing thee or four events, and Koop thinks that the numbers will grow.

After all, the wedding should be a great experience and fun, it should be a wonderful day for the couple, and if they want marijuana to be part of this event, let it be. It should not be a taboo. Since cannabis is legal, people should have their chance to get what they want.

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